‘Four More Years!’

The cpac crowd chants “Four more years!”

Trump Enters UFC 264 to Hero’s Welcome, Crowd Chants ‘U-S-A!

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  1. CNN: “The mostly booing crowd…”
    Yeah, let’s create our own reality.
    These people will be thorns in our sides, until we remove them.

  2. Whilst I believe that each is entitled to their opinion, one should not feed a troll! The troll is the commenter who “mouths” empty chants and name calling sans intelligent discussion. Just ignore them…. remember, some i.e., Larry the liberal are the sarcastic alter egos of regular commenters.

  3. I think a boy named Sue
    Must be a tran
    Walks like a woman
    But talks like a man

    I say Susan…
    Your side is losing

    Got big balls to talk like you do
    Gonna get your ass kicked in 22

    Oh Susan…
    Your side is losing

  4. Ya. I like the $3.50 a gal gas instead of $1.79.
    I like that the world is running roughshod over us and planning on taxing our companies at a rate of 20% to pay for their crap.
    I like that my tax cut is gone that paid for my electric bill all year.
    I like that the US Constitution is of no meaning any more to the govt.
    I like that there are going to be door to door vax squads who violate the 4th amendment and HIPPA laws are going to come harass me.
    I like that Bidumb is trying to take my guns and threatening the citizenry with nukes if we ever dare to rise up against his Communist rules.
    I like that we have open borders and people with who knows what diseases and criminal backgrounds are allowed to run rampant. I like that they’re rewriting history and complaining about Europeans coming here and claiming the borders should have been closed back them but open now.
    I like that they want to regulate what we see and hear online or on media.
    I like that they’re pushing teachings that let us know that just being white makes us evil and that black people can do no wrong.

    Ya Susan. This is great.

  5. That was a stemwinder of a speech!

    Notice how “Susan” (yeah, okay) thinks s/he’s entitled to spew her hatred here and yet s/he’d be the first one to report you on FB, Twitter, YT, etc. for speaking the truth. Let the comment stand, I say, to serve as a warning to others who may be tempted to broadcast their ignorance and stupidity for all the world to see.

    The spirit of stupidity in upon you, “Susan”. LOL!


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