Four Weasels At A Funeral

The body language ghost examined the row of presidents and first ladies at the Bush funeral and noted what most of us probably saw but couldn’t quite put words to what we were seeing. Watch

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  1. All that’s missing is 0webama’s deranged interpreter from the

    mandela Funeral…These idiots put the Fun in Funeral.

  2. Bubba: Ya know, I used to schlong around like a Kennedy, until Webb Hubble’s daughter altered my meals to veggies … especially soy.
    Moose: Oh Bill, you know I’m swingin’ a sack between my loins … I mean, just look at the fairy I married.
    Barky O: Uh, uh … yeah, she really plows my starfish … it gets This Big!
    HildaBeast: Looks like all of us likes the chicks …. except Barry the Fairy …. cackle, cackle, cackle!

  3. Come on Willy! What the hell was that reaction about. Did they miss spell his name? Honestly that’s probably the worst coverage I could find. There’s footage of Laura showing W the same thing and he is visibly upset.

    Just letting you know, my wife thinks I’m nuts too. Gotta go load more mags. CYA.

  4. To be in the same enclosed space as the fuming, noxious syphilitic jackal, Satan’s buttilingus partner, the gorgon of gangrene.

    Yes Hillary.

    The Countess of Cunt’s body odor is swine barns automatically ventilating.

    Eau du Hell.

  5. joe6pak

    Great link pal. It’s not like the photo’s have been touched up. What in the living hell was that all about. The look on GDUBS face was one of defeat. The Look on Laura’s face was panic. The look on Jebs face was, I gotta take a shit. SO he doesn’t count. What the hell?

  6. i watched the video Brad spoke of and tried to see the pic joe6 inserted. Wish i could have seen the captions on joes picture. Enlarged it and all but nothing. But i watched another vid of hillary geting an envelope in her program. She didnt look too surprised. But next to her almost off screen was that old gaffer carter. He saw hillarys envelope and searched his program for one. he didnt get one and looked disappointed or he was going to fart. Would be great if Trump was trolling them.

  7. Charlie
    My spidey scenes go on high alert when you can find a video one day and it’s gone the next. Was it nothing? Maybe. Maybe not.


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