Four-year-old preschooler expelled in the name of LGBT tolerance

StridentConservative: Two weeks ago I shared a story about how the Michigan State Board of Education was essentially guilty of child abuse by promoting the LGBT agenda through a policy that encourages children of any age to experiment with transgenderism. Under the policy, students were free to choose their gender, name, pronouns, bathrooms and locker rooms without parental consent or notification.

As it turns out, their policy is quite tame compared to a Colorado preschool that kicked out a four-year-old girl after her parents attempted to opt out their child from curriculum promoting sexuality, same-sex relations, and gender issues.  MORE

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  1. Vietvet. Technically I am a shopkeeper and take offence at the idea that I should be stung up for failure to produce.

  2. Jesus was very specific about child abusers like this; they would be better off with a millstone around their necks and cast into the sea.

  3. There is some hard-core indoctrination going on in Colorado all right.

    You do NOT want your kids in any school that pushes this, or any other, kind of dangerous indoctrination.

    It would be wise to become as self-sufficient as possible, with home schooling, growing your own food, raising your own live stock, and paying off all of your debt. This shit is only going to get worse.

  4. Meh. People are being entirely too short sighted about the problem. Pre-schooler, pre-k, what’s the difference when your state has mandatory kindergarten.

    Lampposts would be for the lesser offenders against the family.

  5. If Hollywood had any balls they would do a parody of the Walking dead using these LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ lunatic asylum escapees instead of zombies… and they wouldn’t even have to hire writers!

  6. If a male adult goes up to a 4 year old child in public and crouches down to the kid and starts talking about penises and vaginas and rectums and various sex acts possible with those parts they will have that guy put in prison with the other chomos.

    Do the same thing in a classroom with properly “trained” “educators” and it’s perfectly fine to these people.

  7. IronyCurtain wrote: “LGBT Tolerance could be the oxymoron of the century.”

    Yep, and emphasis on the moron part.

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