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Fox-Bashing Chris Wallace Sees Another Show of His in the Dumper


Chris Wallace’s debut as the host of his own celebrity interview talk show on struggling cable news outfit CNN proved to be a dud in the ratings.

Sunday night’s premiere of “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace” was watched by just 401,000 viewers — which is down 29% from the 2022 average for the 7 p.m. Eastern time hour, according to the latest television ratings from Nielsen Media Research.

Wallace’s show also drew just 44,000 viewers in the advertiser-coveted demographic of viewers between the ages of 25 and 54, according to Nielsen. That’s 64% off of the average for that hour.

When reached by The Post, a network source defended Wallace, noting that the show is available to viewers on the streaming platform HBO Max three days before it airs on CNN and thus “doesn’t follow a typical linear distribution model so its success won’t be determined like one.”


11 Comments on Fox-Bashing Chris Wallace Sees Another Show of His in the Dumper

  1. If Chrissy were smart, he should have asked for a job with a lifetime pension in the Biden administration since he helped put that doddering old fool into office.

  2. Mike Wallace’s coat tail’s can’t carry Chris anymore.

    Chris Wallace’s Dud Debut.
    Chris’s next debut will be with Pravda.

  3. “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace” ????

    Why would anyone WATCH Chris Wallace?!
    (rhetorical question)

    When will ‘performers’ realize you NEVER shit on your audience?

  4. The arrogant evil ones who oppose the will of the Lord God Almighty, who raise their master Lucifer over the Lord come to naught as they are crushed by their own hubris.

    The moving finger has found so many satanic haters brought so low you would think some of them would be questioning their commitment to Satan who has no intercession powers and leaves them to be destroyed by their own vanity and sins.

    The Cuomo Brothers

    to name just a few…

    Many more will be destroyed in the coming months including Fauci, Satan Lovers all, so in love with themselves they never see it coming. Ugly, bitter, nasty garbage humans on the trash heap of history where they belong.

  5. Just more democrat cheerleaders from all those smart adults.
    You watch one show on any network and you havewatched them all.

  6. Always found Chris Wallace nothing more than an arrogant, smug, know-it-all jackass. Even in his Fox News years. Also, an extremely punchable face. Karma is a tough mistress, isn’t she Chris?


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