Fox Corp told her to comply with NYC CovidVax mandate, so she resigned. – IOTW Report

Fox Corp told her to comply with NYC CovidVax mandate, so she resigned.

Breanna Morello

Back in 2019, I was a Teleprompter Operator for Fox News & Fox Business. I resigned from my role and relocated to Florida to follow my dream of being a news producer—outside of NYC. After bouncing around from a few gigs, I landed back at Fox Corp in 2021. I was working remotely on FBN shows like Wall Street Journal at Large and Maria Bartiromo’s Wall Street. Upon my rehiring, I had agreed to relocate NYC by January 1, 2022. My goal was to become a producer for Tucker Carlson. It was the only reason I’d ever consider relocating to that liberal wasteland again.

I should have known that things at Fox Corp had drastically changed since my 2019 days. Upon my rehiring, I received an email from an individual in Human Resources with their pronouns in their email signature. Maybe that should have been my first clue that Fox Corp had shifted.

Sadly, that was not the only alarming email I had received. In 2021, I was asked to submit my vaccination status voluntarily in an email. I declined to do so. Weeks later, I was told it was now mandatory. Human Resources wanted to know my vaccination status and my vaccination records. As a remote employee, I ignored the first three emails that were sent to me. Even one email that came from the office of Suzanne Scott. I only replied after receiving a personal email from a higher up atHuman Resources. This individual was demanding my vaccination records.I responded by informing them that this demand made me feel extremely uncomfortable. This individual stated that the information was only being used to coordinate seating arrangements—for when I return to the NYC office. This individual offered me the option to get on a call to discuss my reluctance but I declined. When you’ve worked in media for as long as I have, you know these issues need to be documented through emails, phone calls give them the luxury of fabricating the discussion. more

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  1. FOX management desperately wants to go total Libtard. Problem is their core conservatives generate all the revenue. If CNN is serous about changing format, they should approach FOX’s stable of conservatives and pay them what they’re after.
    In a related story, I received an interesting headline over my phone. Turned out the story was written by one of the twelve year old little girls that work over at Newsweek. That publication is WAAAAAY gone retarded Libtard. I jumped down into the comments section. 540 comments. ALL ADVOCATING FOR DOING AWAY WITH OR CONTROLLING REPUBLICANS. A VERY REAL DANGER TO OUR DEMOCRACY, SOMETHING NEEDS TOBE DONE ABOUT THESE TRUMP LOVING BASTARDS.
    Nice job Joe. After reading that and some other headlines, I just don’t see how we move on from here with out violence. Our federal government has chosen sides and faced us off against one another. And these Libtards are thirsty for blood. One sides is going to end up killing the other off so we can finally live in peace.

  2. ^^^^^^^

    LOL, how many guns do you and your pals own and how good are you with them. Your side won’t last long. But go ahead, keep pushing.

  3. I get the feeling Anonymous up there is one of those fuck-trumpets who posted, more than once, his accent on gulaging all the Republicans, hoping Uncle Joe and his band of gutless thugs will keep him safe just in case the shooting starts.

    It’s funny how brave these clowns are when they hide behind the veneer of the federal government. They better hope that government has the might to keep us separated. Once Dopey Joe is gone and the federal government is given back to the adults, your cover is removed, and just might have to fend for yourself.

  4. ^^^ He’s not gonna live that long. He will succumb to stupidity, just like you.

  5. “eNoUgH fOr A bATTaLiOn”

    Fuck-trumpet liked the sound of “battalion”, but still hasn’t bothered to look it up.

    Go look it up, fuck-trumpet.

    Fuck-trumpet. Good one, Rich.

    Fuck-trumpet. Good one, ri

  6. If you read down toward the bottom of her blog it has a story about 35 of President Trumps allies were raided this weekend by the FBLIE.

  7. @anonymous
    “Enough for a battalion.”
    BATTALION. Battalions consist of four to six companies and can include up to about 1,000 soldiers.

    The Small Arms Survey stated that U.S. civilians alone account for 393 million (about 46 percent) of the worldwide total of civilian held firearms.

    I think we might just have you a little bit outnumbered.

  8. IOTW critters,

    Stop engaging with Annoyamus, he is a federale troll seeding the path for the future indictment of patriots through the ruse of sedition and conspiracy of insurrection.

    Adolph Pedo McShitshispants mouthed the pretext for these future raids in his Mollach speech.

    This cowardly little faggot is trying to solicit verbiage to justify prosecution from a DC grand jury composed of the usual 100% leftist DC gene pool.

    Please just ignore the little turd, and remember this site is being constantly monitored by the Alphabets.


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