Fox News denies Comey claim that network canceled upcoming appearance

WaEx: Fox News is denying former FBI Director James Comey’s claim that it booked and then canceled his Tuesday morning appearance on the network.

The former director claimed that he was supposed to go on Fox & Friends on Tuesday presumably to discuss Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act report on the origins of the Trump-Russia investigation.

“FYI: I offered to go on Fox & Friends to answer all questions,” Comey tweeted on Monday afternoon. “I can’t change their viewers on Donald Trump but hoped to give them some actual facts about the FBI. They booked me for tomorrow at 8 am. They just cancelled. Must have read the report.”

A Fox News representative pushed back on Comey’s claim, telling the Washington Examiner, “James Comey was not booked and was never confirmed to appear on Fox & Friends.”

Comey reiterated the claim during an appearance on MSNBC on Monday, saying, “I offered to go on Fox & Friends, which I gather is a very important program for supporters of the president,” after host Nicolle Wallace asked what happened. read more

9 Comments on Fox News denies Comey claim that network canceled upcoming appearance

  1. Comey sounds very disorganized. Perhaps he isn’t as qualified to be a FBI agent as he believes he is. Time to clean house.

  2. He’s been on Twitter telling anyone who will read that he was vindicated by the IG report.
    Delusional. What words does he see when he reads???

  3. FNC knew they didn’t have an elevator large enough for Comey’s nose, and no workable angle to walk up the stair well, and never accepted the offer.

  4. Fox had nothing to do with it. Comey told his lawyers he wanted to go on Fox, and they told him hell no, we are quitting if you do, please STFU for a minute.


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