Fox News Fires Ed Henry After Alleged ‘Willful Sexual Misconduct’ Incident

No details on what happened. Just that he’s fired.

Fox News has fired anchor Ed Henry after an alleged “willful sexual misconduct” incident that occurred “in the workplace years ago,” the network announced according to an internal memo Wednesday.

Henry started at Fox News in 2011 following a gig at CNN. The former anchor was Fox’s White House correspondent covering President Barack Obama’s administration and covered much of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.


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  1. “‘Willful Sexual Misconduct’ Incident”
    Darn, to bad it wasn’t UnWillful. I kind of liked Ed.

  2. I don’t know who Ed is… but yeah, “WILLFUL Sexual Misconduct…”. Whatever that means.

    In my day that would be, “HEY, LOOK AT MY DICK!” whilst doing the helicopter trick.

    These days it could be that he said her new shoes looked nice.

  3. It might have been the old “Have you ever kissed a rabbit between the ears trick”. Worked every time.

  4. That’s a hell of a way to fire a guy.
    “We’re letting you go for something you did several years ago, but we can’t/won’t tell you what it was, when it was, where it was, or who you may or may not have done it to.”

  5. I can be pretty dense sometimes, “Have you ever kissed a rabbit between the ears trick”. I don’t get it. Is this something I should have known about?

  6. Heh! I think I can explain it without being canceled:

    Horny guy walks up to target gal and asks that question as he pulls his (empty) pockets inside out and holds them up to either side of his hips like rabbit ears.

    Use your imagination to visualize that scene…

    If he’s really, really crude he may show her the rabbit’s nose.

    edit: p.s. I’m retired so don’t have to worry about future employment! (-;

  7. “‘Willful Sexual Misconduct”

    Sounds like child’s play compared to everyday liberal activities.

  8. I got the rabbit, don’t get the helicopter.

    In today’s world I wonder if a man would get fired if he walked into the office singing, “If I said you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me?”

  9. Hire women and be sued for sexual discrimination/harassment.

    Don’t hire women and be sued for gender discrimination.

    SOLUTION! Hire MEN, and just have them identify as women. Problem solved!

  10. I’m suspicious of anyone that chose journalism for a profession these days.
    I found this guy a little irritating anyway so I won’t be suffering any loss of sleep over his firing.

  11. Uncle Al – “p.s. I’m retired so don’t have to worry about future employment!”

    Don’t you know that the left can go back in time and fire you from every job you’ve ever held?

    Wait, maybe I shouldn’t give them any ideas.

  12. He’s become an “unperson.”

    Doesn’t matter what he did, or didn’t, do. The allegation is enough.
    Soon as the camps open, he’ll be on the train.

    izlamo delenda est …

  13. getting fired from something he allegedly did years go… and it wasn’t even a rape or anything. (You know, something actually heinous.)


  14. The distinction must be made, because the lesbians that own Fox reserve the “right” to also fire people for “unwilling sexual misconduct”.


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