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Fox News Star’s RACIAL CLAIM Stuns Viewers…

White guilt is simply dumb. Does anyone on the BET channel bite the pillow at night worrying that their shows didn’t cast enough white people?

Breitbart has the story-

Friday, FNC host Greg Gutfeld responded to long-running “Friends” sitcom co-creator Marta Kauffman lamenting not casting a black character on the show.

Gutfeld mocked Kauffman and argued casting shows based on race rarely works.

Partial transcript as follows:

The white guilt never ends. Even for the creator of “Friends.” Yes, she churned on the sitcom she built to satisfy her Caucasian guilt. Marta Kauffman, the co-creator of “Friends” says she’s embarrassed by the show’s lack of diversity. And she’s pledging four million bucks to brand her university to support its African-American Studies Department. Kauffman also regrets her original name for the series, which was white people are awesome. I could have warned her on that one.

The show starred six best buds living in West Village Apartments they could never afford in real life. It became a huge success paving the way for such amazing spin offs. Like Joey. Said Kaufman in a recent interview, I’ve learned a lot in the last 20 years, admitting and accepting guilt is not easy. It’s painful looking at yourself in the mirror. I’m embarrassed that I didn’t know better 25 years ago. But now, that she’s got fu money and gets royalty checks every week, a fat donation and make herself feel better is no problem.

Kaufmann adds the casting wasn’t a conscious decision based on their race but on their chemistry with each other, which is why the role of Chandler did not go to Mr. T. He would have been a great Phoebe though. More

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  1. Marta Kaufman is the usual Hollywood idiot. Imagine all that success, and remaining so ignorant?

  2. This just in, the Highland Park Police N. of Chicago have arrested the young punk responsible for shooting and killing 6 people earlier today at a 4th of July parade. Now they need to execute him immediately after sentencing him to death at his trial for aggravated 1st degree intentional murder. There is no sense in housing this creep at taxpayer expense for the next 50 to 60 years in prison for this heinous crime. Hang him immediately and may God have mercy on his soul, no one else will.

  3. If there were really “equality”, or “equity” (whatever) on TeeVee, blacks would only make up 13% of the people we see on shows and commercials, instead of the 80% we actually see.

  4. I’m gonna roll on the proposal for Mr. T as ‘Phoebe’ and think Samuel Jackson (as The Hitman character) would’ve fit right in as Ross.

  5. I guess none of you heard, ABC is making a Friends remake with an all-black cast, it’s called “Homies”.

    Antwaine, Cleotus, and Jamal are sharing digs with Shawanda, Tamiqua, and Latifa. They are squatting in a house owned by Steven Spielberg who looks the other way to assuage his white guilt. Each episode focuses on one of the roomies as they navigate a white-centric culture; the difficulties of driving without a license or insurance, how one just got a full ride scholarship to Harvard without graduating high school, the perils of shopping without money and what to do when they are out of your brand of malt liquor, and how to organize a BLM get together at the nearest Apple store.

    [Hopefully, I don’t have to point out that the above is a parody, although if you see a show on ABC with this theme, I want royalties]

  6. If Friends was integrated, there’d be a lot of pot smoking, shoplifting, cutting class, living on the public dole and drive by shootings at the apartment.

  7. Haha – watched the final episode today. Hadn’t watched probably since the series ended. There were two times where Ross & Joey both dated the same black woman – and although their skin color was obvious it wasn’t part of the plot, simply that both were gorgeous. That’s the way it should be, was similarly with the earlier Bond films, Connery & Moore.
    I remember watching the first episode of Blackish, knowing the premise but curious to see whether the writing could get beyond it. There have been worse, but no. Fresh Prince actually did a pretty good job way back when. There were definitely a few preachy episodes that were not fun to watch but most of it was good – and did a decent job of playing off the black/white tension while keeping it fun.
    Similarly, I watched the first episode of 911 Lone Star (have to at least check out shows my old classmate Rob Lowe is in 🙂 ). Its premise was rebuilding a fire station team in a Texas town… but completely focused on diversity. A Muslim woman, a trans man, etc. No way. You can’t write your way out of that.

  8. Never watched “Friends”. However, Matt LeBlanc was a pretty good host on BBC’s “Top Gear after Clarkson, Hammond & May left for “The Grand Tour” on Amazon Prime. I have never heard Matt LeBlanc comment on politics, so I don’t know nor care to know what he thinks on such matters. He was a likable fella for the 3 seasons when he was across the pond. Good comedic timing.

  9. Never watched friends. Never watched Seinfeld. From what I’ve seen of Seinfeld it was a bunch of whiney new yaukers crying about mundane crap. Last thing I needed.

  10. Dear Marta,

    I watched the show because Jennifer’s Nipples were always poking through & her legs were often well displayed. (esp after the nose job) Smart Girl but a flakey character. Notice she really had fuck all of a career afterwards.

    Lisa Kudrow got better looking as she became less “earthy Moon child and also started showing a bit of leg.

    Courtney Cock started well but really got the “look like shit anorexic thing” latter on.

    Fuck You for apologizing for doing it right the first time.

    You were lucky.

    You would not be successful today.

    ie. The Wonder Years Re-Boot: Complete un-watchabe Shit!

  11. Redcat 66,

    Respectfully, there was only 1 Top Gear & the Brit Faggotary RUINED IT.

    Sssoooo fucking scripted….


  12. She’s a dumbass for apologizing, I agree. I enjoyed Friends myself and never thought more about it than what it was…entertainment. Beyond that, I dunno.

    But I pose a question. If the lack of blacks on a show like Friends is a problem, where is the outrage and the putting under a microscope attitude about black shows, or [insert your ethnic group here] shows, that failed to use white characters or, in the least, used them sparingly? Is this not a two way street? Why no WET (white entertainment network) in this “enlightened” age?

    All this blatant over-analyzation is designed to do do one thing…keep us fighting amongst ourselves so we don’t notice how violently we are being butt-fucked by the “chosen few” on a daily basis. It’s no wonder I consider myself a misanthrope. You fuckers are nuts.

  13. If they had cast Will Smiff as Joey, he coulda slapped the shit out or Ross, and a shaved head Aniston could’ve smiled like a shrew.

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