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Fox’s ‘Making History’ Mocks Founding Fathers’ Commitment to an Armed Citizenry

BigHollywood: A recent episode of Fox’s new show Making History paints the British redcoats as sophisticated while portraying America’s Founding Fathers as hayseeds obsessed with guns and the right to be armed.

Newsbusters published the text of one portion of Sunday night’s episode of Making History, in which Hancock, Adams, and Revere share an exchange after a provocateur named Chris warns that the British are coming to take away their guns:

Chris: This is America. Yes. Yes! The British are coming to take your guns.
Revere: I will die for my right to kill others while defending myself.
Hancock: If they take our guns, then how are we supposed to fight the people who would take our guns?!
Adams: My gun! Mine! My gun! Oh, gunny, gunny, gunny. They’ll never get you. Mwah.

A video of the segment makes clear that Adams is presented as a goofy character who talks to his gun and kisses it.

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  1. And yet, the sophisticated Red Coats lost and went home with their tails between the legs (and that’s where they still are to this day)!

  2. I watched a portion of two episodes of this show (the second time figuring it had the get better and ran into the 2nd amendment episode) and it really is quite bad. The writing is pretty well grade school jokes (drinking pee thinking it was Sam Adams beer)and bad acting. Fox seems to be getting pretty lazy if they are signing off on this stuff. I don’t know what the ratings are but even a liberal wouldn’t watch this and the preteens that would are probably playing Nintendo. Don’t think it will be around long.

  3. @Ergo “And yet, the sophisticated Red Coats lost and went home with their tails between the legs (and that’s where they still are to this day)!”

    “(and that’s where they still are to this day)!”

    Well it seems to me that a few still reside in DC.

  4. Aw, I missed out because I don’t allow Fox or any other MSM into my house. Too bad, so sad. Fox is subsidiary of CNN isn’t it?
    Can’t remember it’s been so long.

  5. This shows how the left (Hollywood, MSM etc.) look down on those of us who own guns and defend the 2nd amendment. They are sick.

  6. I guess the producers weren’t paying attention to how all of us ignorant gun kissing red necks received “Miss Sloane”. Somebody lost a boat load of money on that gamble.

  7. The leftists cunts have portrayed the Founding Fathers as being racists to stupid and now to crazy radical gun nuts. I find great satisfaction that these leftist shit-stains know the real truth though they will never publically admit it or let anybody else know. They will never get over that a group of God fearing men struck out against tyranny and in pursuing individual freedom for all they altered the course of history forever and created the greatest country that the world has ever known. It literally eats at their guts. Also, they would also have to get on top of a very tall ladder just to be able to lick a true man like George Washington’s ass.

  8. Without an armed citizenry we’d be Europe, and we’d have been it a long time ago.

    As long as we’re armed we still have a ‘vote’ and a seat at the table of our own destiny.

  9. All that’s missing is the banjo. Unwatchable.

    Speaking of unwatchable, I tried to watch “Six”, but the very first episode I saw had a scene in a bar where the team was having a wake for a fallen comrade, and there was a confrontation between the team and the dead man’s widow. Some civilian guy at the bar asked calmly if there’s a problem and did the lady need help. He was rudely told to butt out.

    Okay so far, I guess, but then the civilian guy responds by flashing his gun tucked in his belt, and the biggest SEAL dude goes all lecture mic drop on him, calling him a coward and bragging about all the men his team killed. That one scene really rubbed me the wrong way in how it misrepresented an armed civilian and concealed carry, and presented the SEALs as bloodthirsty, macho thugs.

    It was pretty obvious that the producers message was “Guns in the hands of trained soldiers is problematic though necessary, but guns in the hands of civilians is simply unacceptable.” Pretty sad when SJW bullshit infests a show like that.

  10. Good. I hope, next they go after the atrocities committed by the so-called great generation, the world war 2 American soldiers.

  11. I watched the show, it is not trying to be accurate, just funny, they fail miserably.
    Sophomoric humour, would be too kind a description, Porky’s would be Hamlet by comparison.

  12. Haven’t seen the show, don’t have cable or Internet,but, judging by the clips I am left wondering if this is supposed to be taken seriously! I mean mentally picture it as an American version of Monty Python, it is hillirous!!! Toss in a scene of Thomas Jefferson trying to spell as he writes the Declaration… Should it be inaleinable or unaleinabl rights??? Ben Franklin bedding every tavern girl in town along with some sort of Search for the Holy Grail theme and we might have a winner!! On the other hand,if this is meant to be taken seriously,then we can safely say that Fox has been infiltrated and needs to be fumigated!

  13. Thirdtwin

    I recorded “6” and have been watching the first couple episodes. They could have done such a great job with that show and they dropped the ball. So far every time it looks like it’s about to get good they do something to screw it up. The cast looks like a bunch of Hollywood Fagots for one thing. Weapons handling is really bad. They should have hired a Seal as a consultant.

  14. @Peter the Bubblehead – “What do you expect from the network that cancelled Firefly?”

    I was almost done watching that entire series again when Joss Whedon let the world know what he thinks about non-progtards. I couldn’t watch any more. Sad to think how many U.S. shows aren’t worth spit merely because their trained monkeys can’t keep their mouths shut.

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