Framing The President’s Church Walk

The left declared it a photo op at the expense of “demonstrators.” Here

The right observed the president’s stroll to St. John’s church with members of his administration yesterday as “executive determination and national resilience.” More

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  1. As someone else noted, this came right on the heels of their accusing him of hiding in the White House bunker. Which he was in for a very short while, and not of his own choice.

  2. Doesn’t come out – ATTACK HIM!
    Does come out – ATTACK HIM!!
    Doesn’t do enough – ATTACK HIM!!!
    Does more than enough -ATTACK HIM!!!!

    I’m really hoping that more of the people who don’t normally pay attention are able to see that no matter what President Trump (MILST) does he is attacked.

    This absolutely was a monumental display of strength (walking out in front without 100 SS agents completely surrounding him) and complete support for churches/religion.
    Unfortunately some in our society are still choosing to maintain their horse-blinders on.

  3. They even got the gender indeterminate Bishop to denounce Trump for holding a bible and visiting “her” church “without permission”. Funny, but the Bishop did not criticize the mob for setting it on fire, presumably without permission, but these days who knows? Maybe they did have permission.

  4. At least President Donald J. Trump never wore a wedding ring with the words of Mohammad, the supposed messenger of Allah and the lunatic who inspired millions of deaths, on his ring finger while pretending to be a Christian. And, President Trump never spent years attending a church where the Reverend Jeremiah Wright was the pastor for 36 years spewing racial hatred and condemning and damning the United States of America.

  5. Part of me (a large part) wants to completely ignore TheLeft, as in pfffft! The hardcore, dues-paying, card-carrying Left is still a small minority (albeit with big microphones) of Americans. So, pffft!

    The problem is, however, TheLeft in America is not solely American, they are international. That is the bigger problem.

    The female “bishop” has no doctrinal standing. Her ordination over men of the congregation is antithetical to scripture, specifically found in 1 Timothy. I hope her public disrespect for POTUS Trump backfires and instead shines a much-needed light on Christians’ erroneous acceptance of something that is clearly spelled out in the Bible. It’s not a matter of theological interpretation. Paul could not have been more clear.

  6. Remember when Trump asked why conservatives should bail out liberal crapholes that failed during the wuhan flu? He should stop any and all funds going to rebuild the cities the left just destroyed.

  7. That walk to St. John’s was epic. Inspiring. In your face, lefties.

    Someone should write a ballad… Ode to PT’s Nads.

  8. “He’s a dictator!”

    “He’s not doing anything!”

    The Left has no time for self-reflection; the assault simply must continue.

  9. “The female “bishop” has no doctrinal standing.”

    Females being elevated to high positions in Church leadership is both a sign of the fallen church and one of the causes of it.

  10. Nasty Nancy and Chucky Schumer also attacking our President on this.
    Marie Harf (sp?), the former Obama employee (dopey blonde with glasses 👓) was piling on with this, spouting democrat talking points about tear gassing peaceful protesters for a photo op. She even brought up Senator Ben Sasse comments, emphasizing that even republicans condemned our President over this.

  11. That was an incredibly strategic move by President Trump. It made the left insane. How dare he contradict the narrative he was hiding in a bunker. Then he has the nerve to brandish the Bible, while standing in front of a church. LOL! President Trump is the best at trolling the left while encouraging his supporters.

  12. Permission? The church’s sign out front sez, “ALL ARE WELCOME”, at the very top. So is this hypocrite “Bishop” gonna edit that to say, “All but Trump are welcome”?, right before resigning from any and all Christian theology? Because she obviously doesn’t understand the principle.

  13. This church, founded by a murdering king, so he could make divorce a sacrament, has devolved into a social club for social justice warriors.

    The Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church in America made it official:

    But, wait: the Catholic Church is scurrying to get in on the act, following Trump’s visit to a local shrine:

    Strange times when the President is calling for unity and peace and the church leaders are being divisive and unwelcoming…


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