France Admits French Police Dumped Migrants in Italian Town

Breitbart Europe: Populist Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini had harsh words for French President Emmanuel Macron after French police confirmed they dropped off unwanted migrants in Italy, claiming it was a mistake.

Mr Salvini criticised the French after they claimed the migrants had been dropped off in the Italian town of Claviere by mistake, saying: “What happened to Claviere is an unprecedented offence against our country.”

“I wonder if international organisations do not find it sick to leave people in an isolated area, without assistance and without reporting it?” Salvini added, according to Il Giornale.

The remarks came after the French authorities in Hautes-Alpes claimed the entire affair was a mistake, saying: “The Gendarmes, who had arrived only a few days ago in the Hautes-Alpes, had little knowledge of the place and entered into Italian territory in circumstances that required clarification.”

Despite the claim, Salvini hit back, saying: “Abandoning immigrants in an Italian forest cannot be considered an error or an accident.”

“Who were these immigrants? Where did they come from? Why were they abandoned? And again: for civilian Paris, is it normal to dump people in the woods? Why do the French speak of ‘Gendarmes who did not know the way,’ if the van returned to their country at great speed and without hesitation?” he added.  more here

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