France Begins Process of Starving A Disabled Man To Death

Breitbart Health: French doctors have begun the procedure of forcibly euthanizing Vincent Lambert by removing the nourishment and water necessary for him to continue living.

Learning of the news, Pope Francis launched a tweet Monday calling all life a gift from God, “from its beginning until its natural end.”

“Let us always safeguard life,” the pope said, and let us “not give in to a throwaway culture.”

Vincent, who is now 42 years old, has been hospitalized since 2008 following a car accident that left him a quadriplegic. Despite the gravity of his injuries, Vincent is not terminally ill. He breathes independently, his heartbeat is spontaneous, his internal organs function normally, and he is not dying.

Vincent’s parents have strenuously objected to plans to euthanize their son and have sought to transfer him to another facility to receive adequate care. “They are killing him, without telling us anything,” his mother Viviane stated on French television.

The case has also been compared to that of Terri Schiavo in the United States, a woman in a “permanent vegetative state” who was euthanized in 2005. In both cases, the spouse of the patient pushed for the removal of nutrition and hydration while the parents fought for the life of their child.

Supporters of Vincent have exhausted all legal channels after the French Council of State and the European Court of Human Rights rejected requests to continue feeding and hydrating Vincent. The United Nations Committee for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities requested that France not start the procedures to end Vincent’s life, but the French Health Minister, Agnès Buzyn, said she did not consider the Committee’s request to be binding.

Last year, Pope Francis spoke out twice of Vincent Lambert’s case, along with that of Alfie Evans in the UK, pleading for their lives.  more here

8 Comments on France Begins Process of Starving A Disabled Man To Death

  1. Breathe on…Vinnie, you are strong.

    And may God bless his parents and their perseverance.

  2. Government Health Care … gotta luv it!

    Octogenarian Ruth Buzzie Ginsberg survives 3 different cancers, thanks to free, taxpayer-funded health care … but thee or me? … fat, freakin’ chance!

  3. Would be most interesting to attend a debate where Religious and Medical ethicists discuss this issue.

  4. This is a complicated issue: his wife said he expressed the desire to never be left on life support (she says.) But others argue that his level of consciousness is debatable, and he could very well know of his surroundings despite his inability to move.

    The big picture here is the totaltarian/left’s cheapening of life (witness the abortion fiasco in our country – now they’re killing babies AFTER they’re born!

    Once life is ‘cheapened,’ the killing of polical opponents becomes palpable to the totaltarian/left’s useful idiots.

    Now, let’s look at the psychos that other psycho obama surrounded himself with. One of them was ‘czar’ john holdren:

    John Holdren, Obama’s Science Czar, says: Forced abortions and mass sterilization needed to save the planet:

    Connect the dots. It ain’t hard.

  5. If Vincent had committed murder, this punishment would be forbidden as cruel and unusual. This is worthy of Dr. Mengele.

  6. Dehydration will take him long before starvation. Not that I support withholding sustenance. I would not wish to live in that state. God bless him.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  7. Put a bullet in his head.
    Death by starvation and/or thirst is inhuman and inhumane.

    Frogs invented the Guillotine to make executions more humane – but they must be barbaric towards the physically incapacitated?

    Fuckin Frogs – getting it wrong since 1789.

    izlamo delenda est …


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