France found guilty of not adhering to Paris Climate Accords

Ya, but we should adhere to the stringent regulations and cripple our economy, because….

Has anyone seen the price of gas in the last few weeks?



Paris — Four environmental groups are crying victory after France was found guilty of failing to meet climate change goals it committed to in a historic accord signed in and named after its own capital city. The Administrative Tribunal in Paris ruled Wednesday that France had fallen short of its promise to reduce greenhouse gases under commitments made in the 2015 Paris Agreement, and was “responsible for ecological damage.”

While the court declared the government guilty of inaction, it rejected a claim for damages by the four NGOs that brought the suit, ordering the government to pay just one symbolic euro to them instead. The tribunal also said it would decide within two months whether to recommend any measures for the government to resolve its failure to meet its own commitments.

In January, the court called the proceedings the “first major climate trial in France.”


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  1. That’s okay, Biden will punish Americans through taxes and regulations to make up for it.

    Screw Biden and every moron traitor who voted for him or cheated to get his sorry carcass into the White House.

  2. Comme les cochons stupides qu’ils sont, français récoltent le tourbillon qu’ils ont semé …..

  3. If the left didn’t have corruption, lies and scams, they’d have nothing.

    The GOP isn’t far behind.

    We have to get the fuck out of the remnants of what was once our country. And we need to take all the shit that we own with us – including our nukes.

  4. The assholes should concentrate on something that is more beneficial to mankind, less destructive to the economy and more attainable by world standards.

    Apparently they want to take full control over nature which, fortunately, is impossible. They have gigantic fantasies they believe they can accomplish.

    When they find out they were wrong….they are undeterred and simply switch fantasies.
    Screw everyone of them.

  5. Hanoverfist: The Guillotine is thirsty…

    That guillotine is being built for US. We need to get the hell out of the Maoist hellhole the former America has become.

  6. Follow the money.

    It’s all a scam.

    Our only hope is to secede from the hellhole our former nation has become. And we need to take what is ours with us, including our nukes.

  7. This is not a Bee article is it?

    The ironies are beginning to get ahead of the hypocrisies.

    My goodness…

  8. Cocksucker French Canadians in Quebec dumped a shit tonne (metric) of raw sewage into the St. Lawrence seaway (160Million litres) because they were to fucking lazy, cheap, and unionized to clean up their own ass juice.

    Source: CBC Nov 1/2018 Nov 15th to 22nd

    Rainbow trout anyone?

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