France: Macron Seizes Smaller Legislative Majority Than Expected

AP — Partial official results from France’s second-round parliamentary elections show President Emmanuel Macron’s centrist party with a clear lead over the country’s traditional right-wing and leftist parties.

With 57 percent of votes counted, the Interior Ministry said Sunday that Macron’s Republic on the Move! party had won 41 percent of the vote, followed by the conservative Republicans with 23 percent. The ministry said the National Front was in third place with nearly 10 percent followed by the Socialists with 6.2 percent.



20 Comments on France: Macron Seizes Smaller Legislative Majority Than Expected

  1. Next French election will be interesting. I know, this one just happened, but with 4 political parties pulling significant numbers the result really reflects an overall move to the right, with an interim fluke result.

  2. France has a two round voting system with 577 seats up for grabs but I’d like to know the number of candidates from each party wer running in the second vote where only the top two from the previous weeks vote could run.

  3. Time to raise the White Flag and start the 6th Republic of France while there are enough French citizens left in France to save it from the EU and forced Islamic immigration.

  4. In the next election, France will elect a Rothschild that married his transgendered sister.


  5. @ #AnonyMous

    Before I saw your comment I thought, man what a chimp, monkey or gorilla. Thank you for validating. 🙂

  6. Remember Wayland Flowers and Madame?

    Perfect! And yes, I was drinking something when I read that.

  7. Macron does not comport himself as an adult male. Rather unsettling to see his momwife
    with him. Projects the perception that she is his “handler”, much like the Val Jar and
    Moochelle set up with Obama.


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