France’s Carbon Tax ‘fraud of the century’ Trial Begins

It takes government bungling on a massive scale to create an opportunity for fraud this large. Yesterday, 36 people went on trial in France for defrauding the government out of 1.6 billion euros (nearly $2 billion).

The scammers would buy carbon credits aboard then resell them in France. They were suppose to collect a VAT tax (value added tax or a type of national sales tax) on the credits but they instead pocketed the money.  More


5 Comments on France’s Carbon Tax ‘fraud of the century’ Trial Begins

  1. So the real crime is not the issue. Just that the thieves didn’t pay their baksheesh that the big crooks in government were awaiting.

  2. Anon, yup. Just like when gamblers are arrested for illegal poker games. It is not that the state worries about the victimless crime of gambling, it is because they did not get a cut of the winnings.the beast must be fed.

  3. How – exactly – does one “BUY”… a flaming bag of poo?

    Because the day I hafta pay a… ‘carbon tax’… that’s how I’M paying for it. Leave it at elected official’s door – ring doorbell – run! >:->

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