It’s time to tell the truth about the migrant crisis.


Last month, French President Francois Hollande ridiculed the idea that the massive numbers of Muslim migrants entering his country were any kind of threat.

hollande paris

“Those who argue that we are being invaded are manipulators and falsifiers, who do this only for political reasons, to scare,” the left-wing politician huffed.

And then the pudgy little Socialist had to be rapidly evacuated from France’s national soccer stadium after one of those refugees blew himself up trying to reach Monsieur le Président, and Merkel’s Foreign Minister, Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

Minister Steinmeier had urged rejecting “barriers, fences” when it came to the Muslim migrants, but it was a barrier and the security in front of it that kept one of his beloved refugees from reaching him.

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  1. This weasel has also doubled down on his insistence that French citizens do not need to bear arms. Most importantly, he’s calling for the French to RE-WRITE its constitution in order to handle emergencies like the one on Friday. And because ISIS is so proficient in using social media, he wants there to be restrictions in privacy rights, access to the internet and free speech should be curtailed.

    Same as Merkel, Cameron, Obama, the pope and just about every Western leader in the world. Conspiracy, much???

    I wanted to kick Trump in the teeth when he said he’d close all the mosques but “we need to reassess some of our civil liberties in this dangerous time and we’ll have to give up some of the privileges to which we’ve been entitled.”

    Yeah, right.

  2. He lied and fucked up and is using the resultant catastrophe as an excuse to deprive the frogs of even more Liberty?

    Frogs gotta be dumber than Americans!

  3. “I wanted to kick Trump in the teeth when he said he’d close all the mosques”

    I don’t recall Trump saying that.

    Trump on closing mosques: “Well I would hate to do it but it’s something you’re going to have to strongly consider.”

    Big difference if you ask me.

  4. He isn’t a liar, exactly. He is a fifth column communist subversive and a traitor. He is France’s Obama.

    He embodies the real problem every western nation faces – the hidden enemy in our midst, chiseling away at our society from within. These people know full what the consequences of flooding our nations with islamic barbarians are. They want those consequences; they want to destroy our society; they want to destroy us.

    They are being depressingly successful.

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