Franken Double Standard

8 Comments on Franken Double Standard

  1. We are witnessing the unintended consequences of Alinksy’s 4th rule–the libturds are eating their own by following the rules they want us to live by. Normally being a hypocrite is not a problem for the left.
    I guess we have to thank Harvey for this wave of sacrifices to the altar of progressivism.

  2. Al Franken has a very strict code of personal ethics: Me, Me, Me, Mine,Mine, Mine,Now, Now, Now, Here, Here, Here.

  3. The libs try to say that Moore is not fit for the Senate because he is accused of attempting to romance teenagers when he was an adult, yet Ted Kennedy left a young lady to die in his car and was elected to the Senate 7 times.

    ps, 30 year olds should not be romancing 14 year olds.


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