Franken Takes Shot at Trump and Moore in Resignation Announcement

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  1. Always remember that were it not for the 2008 Franken recount debacle we would not have 0bamacare. It would never have passed. The final 60-40 cloture vote required every single Democrat senator. Of course we could say of each of those 60 that were it not for him or her we wouldn’t have 0bamacare, but there are a few particularly egregious standouts that should not have been voting: Franken, who won after a recount despite being behind (and Sec/State was a Dem); Mark Begich of Alaska, another vicious and close election battle; and Paul Kirk of Massachusetts, a Dem put there temporarily by the governor after Ted Kennedy’s death and prior to an election won by GOP Scott Brown, who should not have voted.

  2. Didn’t (I hear him say that he would resign in the “weeks ahead?” I think this may leave himself open to not resigning at all. Nor did he apologize for his actions and basically called his accusers liars. He defended himself and pumped his self up though out his speech. I think he’s staying in so he can vote on bills. He’ll be the biggest burr in Piglosi and Scoomer’s butt. He’s a nobody – insignificant.

  3. Weasel Franken doesn’t apologize, delays his resignation, blames his accusers, and spits on PDJT and Moore, even though Weasel himself actually did sexual assault that is PROVABLE.

    Fuck you, Franken. Your smugness just invalidated your so-called activism. May your herpes sores appear on your lips tonight, you arrogant asshole.

  4. I imagine that Attorney General Sessions and his wife might open a couple of Dr. Peppers tonight to celebrate the occasion of this lying, cheating, groping bastard resigning in utter disgrace, before he got to make more noise about Russians colluding at social gatherings. Franken thought he was heading for the Democrat nomination in a few years, now he will be lucky to get a job with a local radio station along with Garrison Keillor. Oh, the Humormanity!

  5. The demonrats set this up so they can beat the Republicans over the head with Roy Moore. You watch, he will be elected (our polls in Alabama say he is well ahead) and when he gets up there, they will start an ethics investigation. They will drag it out while constantly beating the pedophile drum. You see, THEY got rid of a groper but WE voted in a pedophile. I was really looking forward to Tuesday being over so Doug Jones could be off my TV but now I have to hear how redneck and backwards we are here.

  6. Al served at the pleasure of his Democrat Masters, he had no mind of his own.
    Now he can listen to his own muted screams as he is sucked down Trumps drain.

  7. Leftist extremist Franken is
    going to resign !

    The announcement is a lying smoke screen.
    He will later declare his vote and position


    To combat the Trump agenda.
    This man cheated his way into the Senate
    by continually finding supposedly
    ” uncounted ” ballots that were
    ALL in his favor.
    And supposedly he will be true to his word and resign ?

    Talk to anyone who knows him.

  8. He didn’t resign. Time for some GOPer in the Senate with some nads to begin an ethics investigation on Al “Minnesota Fats” Frankenweasel on December 8 2017.

  9. Before we all say Buh-bye Stuart, just remember one thing: he ain’t done shit yet except make a statement that he will in the coming weeks resign.
    I dunno about yous guys, but I’m not hearing the fat lady sing yet!
    In the coming weeks he might resign, or he might change his mind.
    It ain’t over ’till it’s over.

  10. No apology, no remorse, and with his rehearsed speech he once again assaulted the woman in the room, wo by the way shed tears and gave him hugs.

  11. Yes indeedy, democRATs have always told us
    how they are just there for the “little guy”!
    “Wherever there’s wrong-doing, We’ll be there!”
    “Wherever there’s injustice, We’ll be there!”
    “Wherever there’s corruption, We’ll be there!”
    “And wherever there’s a bunch of big guys beating up
    on a little guy, we’ll be there too…
    helping to hold him down!”
    Now replace guys with gals and him with her and you got it!

  12. Bottom line: The only reason that pervert Frankenstein is resigning is that there isn’t a Republican governor in Minn. If there was a GOP gov he NEVER would resign and give up the seat…pure political BS!!!

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