Fred Weinberg: Trump Just Shoved a Hockey Stick Down Dem Gov. Sisolak’s Throat

WJ: So President Trump came to hugely supportive Douglas County, Nevada, last weekend and threw feces in a fan aimed at our little governor, aptly named by a conservative commentator “King Von Sisolak.”

Here’s a good question:

Does anybody except a headline writer at the Las Vegas Review-Journal actually believe that, somehow, the guber didn’t send a minion, make a call or do something to communicate to the airport authorities in Reno and Las Vegas to get them to stop Trump’s rallies at their facilities?

After all, his press secretary says, “We didn’t.” Right.

I’ve been involved in Nevada politics literally since the day in 1995 when we bought a radio station in Las Vegas and if our little governor didn’t do that he must have had a psychotic break and reformed his persona. more

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  1. Every time I see that mug shot my first thought is – James Cagney as Captain Morton in Mr. Roberts. He appears to have the matching attitude, too.

  2. Maybe someone needs to throw a large firecracker under the Governors bed like they did in Mr. Roberts. Geez, this guy looks like he needs to be in a movie about the Mob. Does this goober ever smile or does he always walk around with a perpetual scowl.

  3. As long as we’re on the subject of Mr. Roberts may I suggest that Sisolak is the potted palm destined to be hurled overboard?

  4. “Politics ain’t beanbag.”

    And (apparently) President Trump plays it better than the tyrant of Nevada.

    “King” Sisolak cannot afford open political dialogue – Liberty usually wins over Tyranny – and the “King” would have to go back to shining shoes.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Not sure what the author is so upset that Chris Wallace referred to Minden, NV as the “middle of nowhere”. To me that is the greatest compliment that Trump could draw a crowd in a sparse desert town. If Biden showed up in the “middle of nowhere” do you think anyone would show? Heck, Biden got a dozen people at best at an engagement in his home state of DE a few weeks ago.

  6. Same pretentious bulldog look of J. Edgar Hoover – who was a weenie washer.
    Is Sisolak a gerbil-boy? Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    They get that look from licking their own feces off other guys’ dicks.
    Or maybe they’re just miserable pieces of shit?
    Not that it really matters …

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. “Everywhere joey goes is either BFE or Bumblefuck”

    Or he’s wallowing in sloppy seconds by visiting a Trump destination the day after.

  8. Fox’s Chris Wallace, son of the legendary Mike Wallace, calling Minden, Nevada, where the Trump rally was held, “the middle of nowhere” on “Fox News Sunday.”

    Wallace obviously knows nothing about Nevada. I live in the middle of nowhere. To me, Minden is a big city! And one other thing– Sisolak is an ASS.

  9. @JerryMandarin: I saw that last night as well, Biden gets off a plane, points to an empty field and waves like there is a crowd there. I don’t think he’s that stupid, but the Dems think we are and will be fooled/manipulated into thinking Biden is popular. I also saw a wide shot of his “Despacito” press conference. There were only about 5 people in the crowd. That was my guess based on the applause, turns out I was accurate.

  10. Brown Eyed Girl- Chris Wallace is the same type of ignorant asshole who thinks Las Vegas is just 2 neon boulevards and 2 side streets running across them. Where I live, I can’t even see The Strip from my house. lol


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