Pacific Pundit: Democrats are pure filth. It’s nice to know that Florida has their own version of Maxine Waters in Frederica Wilson and Nancy Pelosi in Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Wilson, who suddenly is trying to pretend to care about the death of military veterans doesn’t really care at all. Her voting record in the congress against military veterans is quite transparent, and rather disgusting, but not surprising for a Democrat. Even when Hussein Obama was POTUS, Wilson voted against a bill that could have ensured that families of four soldiers slain in Afghanistan in 2013 received death and burial benefits.

Only a Democrat scum like Wilson, could vote against a bill like that. The four who died in Afghanistan in 2013 that the bill was written for were gt. Patrick C. Hawkins, 25; Pfc. Cody J. Patterson, 24; Sgt. Joseph M. Peters, 24; and First Lt. Jennifer M. Moreno.   more


  1. Again, Character in the limelight. Old Martin might have rethought that statement if he knew Frederica and Maxine were going to be representing his dream.

  2. but Wilson’s a rock star, by her own admission. Apparently she’s been smoking a lot of rocks. How in the hell did a POS like this get elected to any office higher than dogcatcher. She’s just trying to be as batshit crazy as mad max or kamala and that is the last thing this country needs in any legislative body.

  3. I looked up her district on a map. West and inland of Miami.

    This gave me a good travel tip for journey’s to unknown areas. Is the area safe for travelers or sketchy?
    Look at the congressional representative for the district. They reflect the population

  4. I thought listening in on private conversations went the way of party lines in the fifties.
    Frederica “Party Line” Wilson
    A Prog, no self awareness, they keep forgetting the interweb is forever.

  5. Good grief an adult that wears a hat like this in public and as part of their business attire has a friggin screw loose. She looks like a candidate for the psych ward w those hats. It would be akin to showing up to a business meeting dressed as the San Diego chicken. She is supposed to be creating legislation? Lord help us.

  6. The DNC has a knack for picking ugly, nasty women to do their dirty work. The irony being these women rant about women’s rights but are too stupid to realize they are being pimped out.

  7. Wait, that woman is a member of Congress?

    I thought the Ringling Brothers/Barnum & Bailey circus went out of business? That clown must have missed the train. GMAFB, as you youngsters say. 👿

  8. Tracy/James W. are right on target. Anything PRESIDENT Trump says they will run with and try to destroy to change the topic from the Russian Uranium Deal.
    I was stationed at a base right nest to Miami for 4 years and am very familiar with district. A real shit hole, just like her.

  9. Her attire follows along the same hideous fashion sense as Moochie Obama and their male counterparts, Lime green business suits,elevator heels gargantuan fedora’s, and 3 pound pinkie rings. They have no clue people quickly leave the area before they can no longer contain their laughter. In her case, a collection of cheesy plastic hats that she seems to think says {I be smoken}.

  10. If I never see another picture of that thing in her costumes it will be too soon. Don’t have to read or hear what she says but the pictures are everywhere. Florida should be ashamed.

  11. Representative Pond Scum. I use to think her clownish outfits were ridiculously harmless, now I see it’s just the scum of the earth trying to distract from her awfulness.

  12. I have my costume for Halloween. Party City sells itty bitty little shiny cowboy hats for babies for 99 cents.
    I’m Frederica, the rock star! I just know she’ll be tickled Rhinestone Pink.

  13. Ignant, bald headed, old gas bag, wearing a parody of a cowboy hat and a wig.
    She’s one that prolly keeps hot sauce in her purse.
    I think wig snatching on these old horror shows when they go up to a microphone and a camera should be a sport

  14. don’t let these nay sayers put you off Frederica Wilson !

    get all your fellow sisters together from congress and make us a rock star video about how trump abused that soldiers family.

    you go girl.

    don’t forget our favorites waters and lee.

    I can’t wait myself.

  15. i can’t put my true thoughts or feelings down for this one….. if i did i would surely be banned from the internet. thankfully God is forgiving and i can repent for those thoughts….. until the next time i see or hear of her.

  16. @ Mr. Grinder: I’m guessing that her costume would be to dress as a straight white man carrying a small US Flag. That likely would be horrifying in her district! Could be pretty dangerous though. She’d have to make sure not to “walk white”.

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