Free Bridges For Sale

Ozarks First

Missouri is giving away nine bridges for free – with a catch.

Free bridges are available all over Missouri. Karen Daniels with MoDOT says a law requires the state to give the public the option of having bridges for free. There’s a catch – you have to dish out the dough to move them.

“Because we want to use federal funding to eventually replace it, that is what the project is intending to do, we have to make that bridge for use by another party,” says Daniels. More

6 Comments on Free Bridges For Sale

  1. Let’s see here, nine bridges and twenty democRATs running for President.
    Hmmmm, sounds like too many Trolls and not enough bridges…

  2. If I had enough money to move a bridge, I wouldn’t need a “free” bridge.
    Particularly one which needed replacement.


    izlamo delenda est …


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