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*Free College! Clinton Adopts Key Piece of Sanders Student Debt Plan

NBC: Extending an olive branch to Bernie Sanders and his supporters, Hillary Clinton on Wednesday will announce a plan to make in-state public colleges and universities free for students from families who make less than $125,000 a year.

Sanders made free in-state tuition a core plank of his campaign for the Democratic nomination, and Clinton and Sanders discussed the issue in their meeting last month, according to a Clinton aide.

Clinton often mocked that plan from Sanders during the primary, saying she didn’t want taxpayers to pay for Donald Trump’s kids’ education. Her plan includes an income cap Sanders’ did not.

The announcement comes exactly a month after Clinton clinched the Democratic presidential nomination, and amid an ongoing struggle between supporters of both candidates over what should be included in the Democratic platform.

Sanders has yet to endorse Clinton, though he said he will vote for her, and has not yet indicated when he might exit the race.  more

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  1. We’re dead meat. I know a 45 yr old college grad hippie prog who is a bernbot because of the freeshite. I can see a hundred thousand of such voting for the freeshite.

  2. Sadly, a “free” college education will be worth exactly what it costs – NOTHING.

    And it’s only “free” in the sense that the taxpayers make up the deficit.

    We will have (more) entrenched, socialist apparatchiks, totally committed and dependent upon the level of taxation (like public sector unions), infesting the Halls of Academia for the rest of time.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. Why go to college? Once they guarantee you a $30 minimum wage, you won’t even need high school. Idiocracy lives!

  4. She wouldn’t want to pay for Trump’s kids’ college. What about a family making $126,000? Always with the division of the citizenry into the poor downtrodden and the evil oppressors.

    Is there anything more cancerously vile than a Democrat? They will misuse the 14th amendment’s equal protection to put male rapists in the shower with little girls and force Christians to participate in perverse rituals between sexual deviants and then apply taxpayer goodies to their pathetic minions while taking, taking, taking from the rest.

    The American people really deserve to see this degenerate psychopath die a slow agonizing death with reality show cameras in her hospital room broadcasting each blood flecked breath, pitiful scream, twisted grimace of pain and involuntary release of bodily filth right up until the confetti and balloon, marching band celebration as she heads of to Hades.

  5. I know what free school is about. The government made it free for my kids who are currently in grade school.

    It only cost $350 per kid for registration,
    and about $5000 on property tax per year,
    for the past 17 years in a row,
    for my kids who are 9 and 12.

    So, thank heavens their college will be free, since I need to pay for their free grade school long after they are in college.

    All it will cost is an upfront surrendering of their 529 and higher taxes till death.

  6. If you come to my business looking for a job, toting a unserious free college degree that I paid for, you’d better weigh a lot more than I can throw or you will get hurt.

  7. With the government (Taxpayers) footing the bill the universities will be able to hire more Marxist/socialist/progressive professors to indoctrinate our future generations.
    Wow, that’s a win, win.

  8. This is the classic democrat false promise game:

    1. Make some absurd promise for free stuff that only Congress can fund.

    2. Congress can’t fund it, because there is simply no money to do it.

    3. Blame the failure to get the utopian free stuff on greedy republicans who “run” Congress.

  9. What about on-line Universities? Can we use our own servers? What if we plagiarize our reports, but didn’t really “intend” to? If we prove “extremely careless” in citing our sources, we still get our diploma, right?

  10. Mo Free Shit!
    oaksmiles – yer raising something I was wondering about earlier – –
    Do online businesses take EBT cards?
    I don’t think so…
    That would certainly make internet trade more attractive I would think (as a retailer).
    So then… how long before some little defecRat dictator forces them to accept program cards of any type?

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