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Free Demo Game, “Terra Nil” For the Tree Hugging /Dirt Kisser In All Of Us

There’s a pleasant little demo game out this month that puts the player in the role of an intergalactic ecologist tasked with restoring a wasteland.

Titled “Terra Nil,” the designers call it a reverse city builder where, instead of changing a pristine landscape into a bustling urban environment, you clean the soil, pump in water, plant greenery and balance out the ecosystem to a veritable Garden of Eden.

The demo is free on Steam, so there’s nothing to lose except a few minutes of tranquility. More

Download Here

11 Comments on Free Demo Game, “Terra Nil” For the Tree Hugging /Dirt Kisser In All Of Us

  1. Pump in water? What supplies the power to do that? Where do the get the material to build the pumps? How do they get a dependable food supply?

    I just love being a cynic.

  2. RadiomattM, the player has to put down a wind turbine that provides the energy needed to run all the improvements. That’s part of the challenge, to put down the components that allow the player to recover most of the map then add the elements that create three different types of bio regions (marsh, flowering plants and evergreens). The final phase of the game is to remove all the man made features before flying off the planet, probably to reclaim another wasteland.

    It’s a bit challenging, but more importantly kind of relaxing little strategy game. No one gets killed, conquered or injured. Just a nice easy 20 minutes or so of returning a landscape back to life, a decompressor of sorts.

  3. Oh, I might enjoy it. It’s just that people think all of these things come without a price tag of their own. They just go and buy some Burpee Windmill seeds and voila! You have windmills to provide the power. And the wind is always strong enough so that the windmills can be used but not so strong that they can’t be used.

  4. I’m more of an intergalactic Yautja tasked with creating a wasteland and collecting trophies. I’ve lived the scorched earth policy all my life and it’s worked so well for me all these years, If I stopped now, I’d just be lying to myself.


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