Free Speech Platform Parler Won’t Censor ‘Plandemic’ Documentary Banned by Silicon Valley


The free-speech social media company Parler has announced that it won’t censor the controversial coronavirus documentary Plandemic after Silicon Valley giants including Facebook, Twitter, and Google’s YouTube have all banned the 26-minute movie from their platforms.

Parler said Friday that its decision not to remove the video from its platform is in keeping with its refusal to delete or censor any speech or content for political purposes.

“Twitter, Facebook and the other Technofascists believe they should decide for others. They label, ban and censor anything and everything as harmful misinformation if it is inconsistent with the narrative and the worldview they want to impose,” said Parler CEO John Matze said in a statement.

“Parler will preserve content, asserts no authority and invites critical thinking. Parler leaves freedom of choice to the People to make up their own minds.” read more

9 Comments on Free Speech Platform Parler Won’t Censor ‘Plandemic’ Documentary Banned by Silicon Valley

  1. Thank God. I hope they will be a viable alternative to the technofascists currently controlling internet content. Yeah, I’m talking about you Facebook, Google and Twitter. These companies need to be challenged with viable competition.

    I’m going to look into this site, and if it’s the real deal, I will support it with all the enthusiasm and influence that I can. Hopefully others will do the same.

  2. Now that they’ve all come out. Publicly declared themselves publishers of editorial content. (Not carriers of other’s content.) Declared themselves to be conspiring to monopolize the market. (Not independently stumbling upon the, exact, same, solution. Every. Single. Time.) Ajit Pai and Bill Barr are going to do their duties. Enforce the laws, already on the books. Prove to Americans that there is only one standard.

    And then, where would I get all the Karens’ favorite, this, the current, day’s, dancing cat video?

    Parler’s saved me!

  3. There appears to be a full-court press against the idea that elites were ever war-gaming pandemic psyops. Those “narratives” and “scenarios” were just an abundance of caution.

  4. The only activity I see on Parler is when people follow me even though I can’t tell you the last time I posted anything there.

    It may be a very good site in theory but it is not very far away from being stillborn.

  5. Can’t take the stark white background Parler has. Too hard on the eyes and can’t be changed.

  6. Never tried Twitter and barely touched FB. I closed my account on FB two weeks ago. They are clearly part of the vile, elitist deepstate bunch that hate America.
    Staying on those sites is supporting our enemies
    though I understand why the President does his countering
    “In Your Face” stuff to Twitter.

  7. Absolutely impossible to sign into Parler. I even used their “strong” password. No luck and when I tried to contact them–again-no luck. I think they don’t exist anymore.

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