FreedomToons’ Sketch of Planned Parenthood

In recognition of today’s March For Life in D.C., I’m posting a couple of classics from FreedomToons on Planned Parenthood.

The first is how PP wants the public to see them as something closer to “Mammograms’R’Us”. Watch

The second demonstrates what happens every time PP is asked a difficult question. Watch

4 Comments on FreedomToons’ Sketch of Planned Parenthood

  1. Nothing represents moral and ethical decay more than Planned Parenthood.

    If they aren’t killing babies, selling baby body parts, ignoring statutory rape, encouraging abortions based on gender preferences, undermining family and parental rights or teaching deviant sexual behavior to our children they are lobbying for more federal money to continue the destruction of our national moral fabric.

    God forgive us for allowing this human tragedy to continue unabated.

  2. One of many programs funded by the Federal government that shouldn’t be. Nothing to do with one’s feelings about abortion, it just isn’t constitutional to fund them.

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