French Climate Heretic Gets The Ax

Phillip Verdier was the chief weatherman on France’s nationally owned TV network, France 2, until he had the audacity to write a book questioning climate change and suggesting warming is actually good for his country.

 French Weatherman's Book

 First they put him on “forced holiday” and yesterday they officially fired him.

The firing comes as Paris prepares to host a UN climate change conference, COP 21.


More on Verdier’s opinion of Climate Change


11 Comments on French Climate Heretic Gets The Ax

  1. Once ISIS takes over Europe, the Imams and their French Fifth Columnists will bring back burning heretics, like this guy and oh…any woman who dares wear Hello Kitty socks or drives a car.

  2. You can question science, in fact one has an obligation to question theories to prove their robustness. Any good argument can withstand scrutiny, but you can not and shall NOT question an agenda or there will be severe penalties to be paid!!
    Need any more quantitative proof that this is a scam perpetrated in the name of Political Correctness?

  3. Galileo Galilei was opposed by the astronomers of his day. But it was when his first book seemed to attack Pope Urban VIII, a politician of his day, that he was found “vehemently suspect of heresy”, and was forced to recant and spent the last decade of his life in lockup.

    In every era a guy who knows what he is talking about is opposed by the “consensus scientists” of his day, and in great danger from the politicians with an agenda, who don’t understand what they are talking about. He was lucky that he came along 200 years after Joan of Arc.

  4. I’d say this is like the Spanish Inquisition except for 2 reasons: They don’t want to kill “deniers”–Oh wait, they do. At least to don’t want to lock up “deniers”–Oh wait they do. I guess it is like the Spanish Inquisition, except maybe these inquisitors don’t wear red robes (as far as we know)

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