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French Comedians Parody Americans

A little strange, but not offensive. It seems Americans are seen as cowboys. It’s only fair. We used to see the French as faggoty mimes. Now they’re faggoty mime Muslims.

The tune is catchy –

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  1. How great would it be to teleport these “boys” to any bar in Waco, Lubbock, Butte, or Stillwater? I’d give them 5 minutes before massive loss of blood resulted, and that would be from the ladies.

  2. I’m glad you frogs can now mock the country whose men laid down their lives from the Germans TWICE. Are buried under your soil.
    I’ve been to your shit hole country. Twice. You ungrateful bastards. I hate the French. I hate France.

    Don’t call us again. You’re on your own sissy boys.

  3. …laid down their lives to protect you cowards from the Germans twice.

    Being angry results in incomplete sentences. Especially on an iPhone.


  4. Let’s do a retort song about the French. Girly men in tight little pants and horizontal striped T-shirts and berets eating snails and quail and onion soup and baked cheese.

  5. ^ Yeah, the stupid Frogs can’t even parody right. They looked like 3 faggots nancing around with pants full of liquid dweeb.

  6. What was it the old guys used to say about the French? – something like never trust a guy who fights with his feet and fucks with his face. Charles de Gaulle was a real jerkoff, but the Frenchies took a chance and helped us during revolutionary times. But after the next World War, the losers get France.

  7. As my Austrian mother used to say, “wee wee, mansewer that’s pretty homoey.”

    Never liked their food much except for their fries and they can have all the muslins.

  8. If a young Texan could drive an F-150 across France, he could have all the women he wanted. Being France, he’d have to beat the men off to give the women a chance.

  9. The Russians see Americans as the number of dumb middle-class white kids mumblimng their way through social media.

  10. Awwww … FFS!
    It was fun.
    And the fukkin French were our first allies against George III.
    If not for the Frogs, there would be NO United States of America – PERIOD.

    Yeah, over the years they’ve proven to be Francophile, but that’s not really a fault – they should care for their country – just as some of us do ours.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  11. I wasn’t entertained.
    France, Live it up, that will be banned under Sharia.
    No wine, no music, no fun and the women will be in Burkas and their face covered in 2 decades.
    Start by exiting the EU, defending your country, your traditions and society. Then call upon us.


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