French Emergency Workers Now Wearing Bulletproof Vests

Breitbart London: French emergency medical staff in Toulon are now putting on bulletproof vests to protect themselves after a rise in violence has seen multiple homicides and attempted murders in the city.

The decision to allow paramedics, doctors, and nurses to wear bulletproof vests comes after years of deliberation on how to protect hospital staff from mentally unstable patients and armed attackers on the streets, Le Parisien reports.

In a press release, Service d’Aide Médicale Urgente (SAMU) 83 listed several scenarios including terrorist attacks, armed gang reprisals, and the handling of violent mentally disturbed patients saying: “These are different types of interventions for which our teams were far from being properly protected from.”

One set of vests will be given to the Mobile Emergency and Resuscitation Service (SMUR) unit which includes at least one doctor, a paramedic, and a nurse on board.

Laurent Bécé, director of SAMU 83, commented on the new vests saying: “The SMUR is not intended to be present in the corridors of extraction during an attack, but they intervene near these areas. We also intervene very regularly in very sensitive situations, that have not yet been stabilised, such as shootings or aggressions with knives.”  MORE

9 Comments on French Emergency Workers Now Wearing Bulletproof Vests

  1. It’s a war zone. Soon everybody will be wearing them.
    What protective gear against acid attacks?
    Vehicle attacks?
    Gang rape?
    genital mutilation?

    Can you see where this is going? Is there a trend in a certain group?

    Will mental hospitals, gulags, re-education camps be utilized for citizens who speak out against the group making these vests necessary?

    Goodbye France and good luck. You brought this on yourselves.

  2. “Oh My gosh….a Suicide Bomber/Stabber/Truck Driver !!!!”

    “No worries Mon Ami…I have My Vest on ”

    These things will be Marginot at best.

  3. My cop brother used to be fireman. Happy go lucky kid. Then he went to the L.A. riots. Got trapped under his fire truck from all the gunfire.

    Told me, “if I’m gettin’ shot at, I’m shooting back.” So he became a cop.
    Now he’s all grumpy all the time.

  4. “French Emergency Workers Now Wearing Bulletproof Vests” And Pouches With White Flags.
    There, I fixed that tile for you. 😉

  5. They have to wear bulletproof vests at work and they’re SMILING ??
    Hey FRANCE, stick a fork in yourselves, you’re COOKED.


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