French University Suspends All Courses Due to Migrant Squatters

Breitbart: The University of Reims Champagne-Ardennes has suspended all courses due to security concerns after around 40 migrants began to squat on the campus only days after classes began.



President of the university Guillaume Gellé wrote a letter to the student population on Sunday saying: “Access to the university premises located on the Red Cross campus is forbidden until security conditions are restored.”

Gellé told local media that the security situation also extended to the migrants themselves as he noted there were children amongst them, L’Express reports.

The 40 migrants, some of which are families, came to the university campus in north-east France after being kicked out of the Saint John Perse park where they had formed a makeshift migrant camp less than a mile from the campus. read more

13 Comments on French University Suspends All Courses Due to Migrant Squatters

  1. Helluva set of principles ya got thar Frenchies, eh?

    Boy howdy – If that isn’t a telling picture of the situation!
    Put it in an art show and name it:
    “France’s stern view on Migrant Squatters from their Ships of Fools!”

  2. The ILLEGAL immigrants are just doing what they have always done! They are nomads.

    You squat in an area until the ‘shitters are full’ then move onto to cleaner pastures. I wonder if the nomads have goats with them. Silly question, I’m sure.

  3. Hey! Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkeys! Yeah, you. I’m talkin’ to you.

    Grab your campus security and EVICT these Filthy Mohammedan Savages. Simple as that. Easy peasy. Then if they come back, hitch up an agg sprayer with a large tank full of liquified pigshit to a tractor and wheel that puppy right thru their tent area.


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