Fresh out of Harvard, “a millennial’s first day of work”

This is parody, but it’s not. It’s so accurate it’s annoying. Grab a safe spacer by the grimy neck and rub their faces in this video.

Video here




11 Comments on Fresh out of Harvard, “a millennial’s first day of work”

  1. “This is parody”
    I’ve seen her before, she’s good. Good job FUR most place are calling this the rel deal. She might have done to good of job this time.

    Look’s like another lousy Mooslem driver in the UK. They should be getting use to it at any time.

  2. Remember Poe’s Law: Some extreme views are so far out in left field they become in effect parodies of themselves, making it difficult or impossible to distinguish between a serious advocate of those views and someone who’s just being sarcastic. (Not sure that’s exact, but close enough.)

  3. Say what you will about millennials, we are without doubt the most unintentionally hilarious generation and easiest to parody!

  4. For satire to be effective, it must have a ring of truth to it.
    This is a big diamond with satire baguettes all around.

  5. To give some credit where it’s due, in spite of the fact that “Glenn” and “Beck” used in conjunction are dirty words on this site, Allie Stuckey’s channel exists on The Blaze @

  6. self absorbed, self important, nothing to offer

    there are so many of these adult/children entering the workforce and their new employer will be the first to ever deny a request/say no to them


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