Fresno State Students Call for Removal of Gandhi Statue

Breitbart: Students at Fresno State University have circulated a petition that calls for the removal of a statue of Mahatma Gandhi on campus. The students argued that the statue should be removed on the basis of Gandhi’s alleged prejudices against minority groups.

According to a report by Campus Reform, students at Fresno State University have launched a campaign to call for the removal of a statue of Gandhi on campus.

Nearly 5,000 students signed a petition that called for the removal of the Gandhi statute. Despite Gandhi’s status as a warrior for peace, the students allege that Gandhi held prejudices against various minority groups.

Gandhi is idolized worldwide as a prophet, a visionary, even a messiah. However, the popular image of Gandhi is a myth. The lack of efficient methods of communication and documentation in the past allowed Gandhi to effortlessly create a convincing but false image of himself. Gandhi was deeply prejudiced against all minorities, from black Africans, Jews, to low-caste Hindus. He also demonstrated a shocking lack of morality, from sleeping naked with young girls to employing nonviolence merely as a tool of political expediency.

Fresno State alumni, however, are fighting back against the push to remove the Gandhi statue. A petition, entitled “Keep the Gandhi statue at Fresno State,” was created last week to counter the movement for its removal. more

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  1. @ RadioMattM JULY 3, 2020 AT 2:03 AM
    The only consistency they have is if they think it will serve to advance their immediate agenda they run with it.

  2. Yes, he was a racist, he actually had articles stating the blacks are inferior.
    He is even worse. He is pedophile.
    Used to sleep naked with under age women and minors, his grand niece among them.
    Do I advocate removing his statue?
    No, not at all.
    Leave it there, as a reminder of fake heroes.
    History is to be learned from, not erased.

    Get rid of the whiny entitled snowflakes instead.

  3. “We don’t use guns because we don’t have guns.”
    Mahatma Gandhi
    There, that should make some more Lib-Tard heads explode.

  4. Like my Dad has said for 50 years…

    “…we send aou kids to school to get stupid.”

  5. Not even the fact that Ghandi enjoyed the perversion of coffee enemas could save him from the Fresno State skulls full of mush? Wow, tough crowd.

  6. @John Smith…

    And then there’s his “Jews should have killed themselves for Hitler” shtick. Although that might cause the mob to leave his statue alone.

  7. I think this all comes down to: “Hate Everything You Didn’t Have The Brains Or Balls To Do” movement… or just chapter 10 in the democRAT handbook.

  8. If Perdue university removes the statue of John Perdue, students will then have No choice but to pee on each other.

  9. Lets quit calling them ‘students’ and instead we should mainstream ‘morons’ hence Fresno State morons call for removal of statue or Harvard morons want tampons in the Men’s room or Yale morons are attending a racist named university or Berkeley morons are pooping on the lawn, etc!

  10. Be quiet people that’s the sound of the left eating it’s own tail. All this stuff about Ghandi has been known for decades. This tearing down the statues thing has almost run its course anyway. The future belongs to the young conservatives. They are fearless in confronting their liberal counterparts.

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