Friends of Jeffrey Epstein are probably terrified: Goodman

Alana Goodman, co-author of ‘A Convenient Death: The Mysterious Demise of Jeffrey Epstein,’ joins Tucker Carlson with insight on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

What do you think will become of Epstein’s pimp?

26 Comments on Friends of Jeffrey Epstein are probably terrified: Goodman

  1. They better keep her in an Secret Service safe house.
    Not even the FBI can know where she is. Leak her info out slowly over the next three months.

  2. They better put her in The White House bunker with armed military guards around her or she will be “Epsteined!”

  3. This pampered degenerate will regurgitate information freely after about an hour in stir. The bounty on her head would make Soros envious.

  4. Personally I have zero pity for the “victims”. They were gold digging and all, regardless of age should have known better. There’s fault to go around.

  5. gin blossom,

    I kinda tend to agree with you about that, they just whored themselves out and screwed up their own lives and are now looking to blame someone else for it.

    Or wanting more money maybe.

    Still doesn’t make it right, what Epstein did, though.

  6. She’s being prosecuted by the same federal attorneys office as Epstein and being held in the same federal lockup as Epstein. The democrats run that office and jail. The neocon vermin and gop cuck cabal do not want Trump to get any kind of a win. She’ll either be dead or she’ll push a narrative that damages Trump. Mark my words. The SDNY cannot be trusted.

  7. She’s dead if she does and dead if she doesn’t. She needs to spill her guts (figuratively, of course).

  8. WTF is this. Entertainment for the quarantined? Meat for the salivating media? A diversion?

    The timing is strange. No new facts have come out. Maxwell hasn’t been “in hiding” using passport, credit cards, cell phones.

    Protective custody? A way to get rid of evidence a la Weiner laptops? Jim Comey’s daughter, Maureen Comey (of pussyhat march fame) is one of the prosecutors… Jul 27, 2019 — Epstein case: judge agrees to keep documents on 2008 plea deal secret… also a clause that granted immunity to any and all potential co-conspirators.

  9. Wouldn’t it be something if Epstein death was faked by the Feds and he is in a safe house. His girlfriend/pimp getting caught is all part of the deal. I doubt it but I bet she has some info to use as an insurance policy

  10. If she was smart she kept detailed records and proof of the visitors to Epstein’s fantasy island.

    As for the girls knowing exactly what they were going there for it’s been my experience there is nothing quite as naive or as easy fooled as a sixteen year old boy or girl. At that age they think they know it all and are smart as all get out which they don’t and they’re not.

    I’d bet that if girls as young as sixteen were targets you can bet there were younger ones as well which we haven’t heard about (and that in itself is scary).

    If she kept records then it’s likely she had made a deal with the feds to testify backed up by her proof else she wouldn’t have left Paris (unless she was being thrown out of the townhouse she was living in). Having said all that I hope to hell the feds that are guarding her were picked from outside New York and are standing watch right outside her cell with a video camera. I also hope the feds are in a position to start issuing arrest warrants in the next few weeks and they include some mighty big names and lefty’s with deep pockets.

  11. I’m still surprised that MI 5 didn’t try to help out little Andrew throughout all of this. Remember how Fergie was fed to the wolves with the tabloid pics of her toe sucking lover? Discarded quickly. Who in MI 5 is compromised?

  12. She better be tucked far away in a US Federal Marshall’s
    safehouse with plenty of men and heavy weapons ready to go.
    There are many very dirty and dangerous killers on the
    rich and powerful payrolls out to get her.

  13. @CC – “…Kinda makes you wonder what made her decide to take her chances back here…”

    Tucker tried to get Goodman to speculate as to why Maxwell would come back to the country that was investigating her, but she would not directly answer the question.

    Which, makes you wonder even more. Goodman obviously did research on Maxwell, so she must have a pretty good idea.

  14. Why now?
    Remember this? Clearing the path for a TRUE investigation.
    (National Review) in Manhattan on Friday, Attorney General Bill Barr announced that evening that SDNY U.S. Attorney Geoff Berman was stepping down. Later during the night, Berman issued a statement essentially saying, “Like hell I am!”
    Trump fired his corrupt stupid deep swamp ass Monday morning.

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