Frmr DOJ Attorney Lisa Page Refuses To Testify

CTH: DOJ Attorney and Special Counsel to FBI Deputy Andrew McCabe, Lisa Page, is now refusing to testify to congress over her involvement in the 2015, 2016 and 2017 DOJ and FBI operations to exonerate Hillary Clinton and stop candidate Donald Trump.

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  1. Uh oh. Now they are going to threaten her with an ultimatum. I sure she’s scared now.
    Just some more uni-party play fighting

  2. Wait for it …….. Plea Bargain: She will be totally absolved of wrongdoing, preserving her pension and lifelong benefits, in return for ‘taking full responsibility’ for her errant ways.

  3. She’s been shaken to her core by the thought of facing the wrath of Jeff Sessions. Or maybe not.

  4. America deserves a full refund for all funds spent on law enforcement at the federal level for at least the last 24 years. What a circus of total bs!

  5. She’ll be sippin wine with Louis Lerner
    in no time and comparing notes…
    Big nothing burger.

  6. So, get a load of this gutless-wonder….she’s a bad-ass attorney for the EFF-BEE-AYE, gonna TAKE DOWN Trump the BAD man! Now? Too chicken-sh*t to face the music she helped compose. And hiding behind the very defenses she sought to deny the POTUS. You liberal democrats are a despicable lot.


    At least there’s no book deal. I’m assuming that the FBI would nix that idea.

    I’m probably assuming too much, aren’t I?

  8. TREASON! Ain’t it GREAT?

    “I committed Treason, and I ain’t gonna talk to ya!
    If ya don’t like it; fuck off, eat shit, and die!”

    Cuddle up with Obola, HRC, Abedin, Brazile, Pelosi, Feinstein, Boxer, Schumer, Reid, Ryan, McConnell, and the rest of the Treasonous Scrunts and laugh at America.

    We can wait (not sure what for), yes, we can wait.

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. The more Joe Sixpacks that see this
    2 sets of laws shit, the more will
    think if there is there different law in DC than there is for me,
    that breaks the contract. From here
    on in I’ll do as I damn well please.

  10. If you work for the government and refuse to testify about actions you were involved in under subpoena from Congress, you should immediately be terminated, escorted out of the building, have all security clearances revoked and lose your pension.

    This “I’m just not going to show up” bullshit has to end.

  11. If she wants to see the documents in order to prepare, all she needs to do is google them. Page is being questioned because her documents were already leaked to the public; otherwise, she would have gotten away with her actions.

  12. I’m pretty sure that if I disobeyed a Congressional subpoena, I’d be in handcuffs and leg shackles faster than you can say, “Lisa Page looks like Adam Driver after a sex change operation”.

    Special rules for special people, I guess.

  13. The brazen attitude displayed by all the players here, in their texts/communications, actions, half-answers before congress, and in refusing to co-operate, comes from the same place as 0bama’s confidence that Trump would not be elected President: The knowledge that the “system” is rigged at every level with operatives conspiring together.

  14. Additionally, if you are an attorney for the government and refuse to testify you should be disbarred for life from ever practicing law again.

  15. If Page had pulled her shit on Clinton instead of Trump she would be dead already. Her actions are a slap in the face of congress and every citizen of the United States. Page was/is a federal employee who was required by law to preserve all communications. Failure to do so or present on demand should be a serious felony with mandatory jail time of more than twenty years. No federal employee should take tax money then hide behind legal maneuvers.
    It’s not private data, its public, it belongs to we the people. If I was calling the shots she would be in solitary with Manafort until she squealing like the stuck pig she is.
    Congress will probably respond with a strongly worded letter in the next few months or so.

  16. The more of this shit that goes on the less legitimate the government becomes.

    The Democrat Party is openly hostile to America and the establishment Republicans hate America just as much as the Democrats, but the way the game has been choreographed their role is to keep their contempt for America hidden.

    Both are a subset of the progressive movement and both are vital to the mission. So long as establishment Republicans appear to be against open and blatant attacks on the republic, real opposition is frustrated in prosecuting effective action.

  17. I probably wouldn’t have anything to say to the same bunch of clowns that “investigated” steroid use in major league baseball.

    The job title I remember on the ballots I filled out said “representative” and “senator”. Don’t ever remember voting for an “investigator”.

  18. How dare she!? HOW DARE SHE!?

    There’s an election coming up. (again always) I need to see a Nerf bat foam fight. Chicken style! So I know who to vote for. So I know who to send CHECKS TO!

    No useless Kabuki means THE END OF THE REPUBLIC!!eleventy!!

  19. “… work for the government and refuse to testify … you should immediately be terminated …”

    THAT is sufficient.

    She has the option of pleading the 5th – IN FRONT OF AMERICA – not skulking in the shadows.

    izlamo delenda est …

  20. This is all a show. her and her bf were probably turned and wrung dry. i suggest they had no choice. ( and i believe she was already fired- when her usefulness ran out.)


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