From A Million To 10K, Women’s March Nears Exhaustion In Third Year

Tammy Bruce’s Column From The Washington Times

You might have missed news of the 2020 manifestation of the so-called Women’s March, the anti-Trump mob masquerading as a women’s rights effort. Launched in 2017 after President Trump’s win for the presidency and the second abject failure of Hillary Clinton’s run for the office, you didn’t hear much about this year’s event from the legacy media because it collapsed under the weight of its own hypocrisy and fraud.

The first march on Jan. 21, 2017, was touted as having attracted up to 1 million people in Washington, D.C., alone. The 2019 event had shrunk to 100,000 marchers. This year, the total collapse was clear with reports of just 6,000 people RSVPing on their Facebook page, and high estimates of attendance at no more than 10,000 enraged pussyhatters showing up.

From 1 million to 10,000 gives the impression that women have indeed had enough — of hatred, fear and lies. More

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  1. This Friday–the 24th–marks another year for the Right To Life March in DC. The March started in 1974 and has continued to grow and expand–hroughout the world, now!. Men and women–young and old–will gather by the tens of thousands to pray for an end to Abortion. Maybe these gals will join…….

  2. Looks like many women have caught onto the gaslighting. It’s not a Women’s march. It’s a communist cunt march.

  3. …the two on the left in the thumbnail do not appear to be actual women, and maybe THAT’S the problem…

  4. …and yet I can count three women I know who proudly proclaimed their attendance to this stupid march on their Facebook pages.

    They give a new meaning to SHEeple.


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