From Psychopath To Christian Apologist

Former Psychopath David Wood Shares His Astounding Transformation Into Christian Apologist.

For the first time ever, Eric interviews a former psychopath, David Wood, and uncovers his astounding story of transformation into Christian apologist in a Miracle Monday that you cannot miss. (Warning: Some content may be disturbing.)

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  1. ‘Former’ psychopath?
    How does that work?
    Hard to believe there might be any future former Psychopaths in the democrat party…

  2. This is an amazing story — a miracle, really.

    I do question the “psychopath” label, although I suppose “sociopath” is close enough.

    I learned of David Wood through listening to Nabeel Qureshi (RIP). Wood was his roommate,”David”, who was instrumental in converting Nabeel from Islam. Nabeel went on to join Ravi Zacharias as an itinerant preacher/apologist, who touched thousands of lives around the world.

    Fascinating how Wood searched the Bible in order to win his argument for atheism and was instead won over to Christ. The same thing happened to Qureshi in his subsequent debates with Wood.

    It just goes to show you never know how many people will be affected by your own witness for Christ. From Wood the atheist to worldwide apologist — not just himself, but Nabeel as well.

    (I’ve probably just recited the story Wood, himself, describes in this interview. I’ve seen this interview several times before. Thanks, MJA!)

  3. I heard him speak at Pamela Geller’s human rights conference in Dearborn 8 yrs. or so ago (in memory of Jessica Mokdad). Also enjoy/learn from David’s videos and miss his partner Nabil.

  4. Former sociopath, I’d buy because that’s a product of conditioning. I don’t think there is such an animal as a former psychopath. That’s hardwireing there.


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