From Shards To Riches

Russians dumped beer, wine and other liquor bottles all over a beach, making it un-walkable and posing a hazard for potential visitors.

But years of tides and waves tumbled the shards into beautiful sea glass.

Now they are charging admission to the beach.

Who said pollution is bad?

ht/ the big owe

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  1. Mother Nature has several billion more years experience at dealing with the environment than man does and in the end she will always be the winner.

  2. And the beach in California where the illegals go to defecate is now resplendent with millions of gently rolling sea poopcumbers and shiny fecal gherkins…

  3. Nothing goes to waste on God’s green Earth.

    Except if you’re an intolerant Nazi leftist. Then you’re a waste of flesh.

  4. @VietVet and @I Am Tosk.
    VV doesn’t have a wonky sense of humor. He’s totally fucked up in the head, which makes him my personal favorite


  5. Tosk, I literally can’t give it up. You see, many years ago this decrepit old witch put a curse on me…

    … so anyway, that’s why I’ll never vote for Hillary again.

  6. Vietvet. We’d have the same here in Orchard Beach Bronx, NY, plus chicken and lamb chop bones, and pigs teeth. What a collage.
    If only Mayor Deblasio, Che Deblasio, would stop the Sanitation
    Department from cleaning up every Monday in the summer. He’s save us millions.

  7. I’m in a scrappy mood tonight and my senator just called for fighting in the streets. When do we get to open up on the Pillsbury doughboy with Timmy Kaine eyebrows?

  8. The leftards said we can’t have glass because danger so they came up with plastic but we can’t have that because climate, yet they have no intentions of reintroducing glass to save the climate. Clearly they don’t trust themselves with glass, or guns, or anything that can be deemed unsafe, and they are doing this at the expense of the planet. Goddamn planet destroyers.

  9. OK PHenry here goes: My phuckin’ Senator, Scmucky Schumer, is a bigger asshole than your little fag prick, Timmy Kaine.

  10. @MoeTom

    You throw down the gauntlet. But I’ll beat your ass on
    This one. Your senator can fake cry, but my senator cries out every night either from extreme anal penetration, from losing his lover in the White House or for being forever banished from ever entering 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue other than a guest.

    Your senator smells of rotting seafood, has a forked tongue and satisfies himself nightly with the toilet brush that rests near the commode, which he then uses as a dental hygiene device.

    Wait a minute. Let’s call it a draw.

  11. Phenry Fuck that! I remember my asshole Senator when he was just out of Harvard and chasing Senator Jacob Javits around the Bronx to meetings. He had worn shoes, rips in his trousers, and “ring around the collar,” dandruff, and a shitty tie. He sure has changed in appearance. But still a scumbag. Beat that!

  12. There is a similar beach in Fort Bragg, California. The citizens of the town used to use the cliffs over the beach as a city dump. Over the years the glass wore smooth.

    My wife and I were there many years ago. Being the good citizens we were, i.e. thinking there might be a way to use the glass to make some money, we took home several very large bags of the glass. We made a few bucks here and there, and still use the rest of for various purposes around the house.

    If we had collected that trash today, we’d be arrested.

  13. @MoeTom.

    Oh yeah? My scumbag senator was once lowlife slip and fall lawyer who became a shitty councilman in shithole Richmond, bamboozling dumbfuck dindus to make him mayor. Sucked cock of Mark Warner to get himself a Lt Governor job. Virginia term limits governors to one term, so Timmy got himself elected Governor somehow. He plays a nice guy. I’ll give you that MoeTom. Schumer can’t play a nice guy.
    Then he ran for US Senate against that big dummy George Allen who uttered macaca and that launched that mop bucket licker into the national spotlight.

    Hard to pick who sucks the most. I may have to concede.

  14. @All Too Much, check out the sea glass jewelry on Etsy. I love the stuff.
    I wonder if I put Hillary down the septic and let her swirl for a few years if she would make some good bitch glass.

  15. PHenry What really happened was Senator DiMato called his rival Schumer a Putz. and the whole New York jewish community went ballistic, and elected him. But to me Schumer is still a Putz.

  16. We got a guy up here in North Maine that makes that beach glass in a cement mixer in the winter and sells it to the stupid liberal Masshole touristas that visit the coast in the summer.
    Laughs all the way home in the fall.

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