From the CDC Site – What does it mean if you test positive for Covid-19?


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  1. Now they are barking about New Swine Flu in CHYNA.

    Give it 2 days and CNN will start to spread a new layer of shit on toast.

    They want to keep everyone isolated under any circumstance so they can steal the November election.

  2. I’m just curious if anyone here has had it, or thinks they might have had it? About 2 months ago, and without any other symptoms, I lost my senses of taste and smell. It probably took 2-3 weeks for things to get back to normal. That was it though – no coughing, no fever, no breathing problems. Did I have it? I stopped at a mobile ‘antibody testing center’ last week, but they wanted $50 to test me and I don’t care enough if I’ve had it to cough up the $50.

  3. I don’t know if Trump is doing some behind the scenes shit that needs his attention right now, but he needs to get rid of fauci like right fucking now.

  4. I read on FB today that some young people who tested positive for the virus have suffered strokes.

    Yeah, and people have also suffered from gunshot wounds and car accidents, too. Is there anything the CORONAVIRUS can’t do?

  5. Steve Brown – I didn’t get it and neither did anyone I know. Not only that, my friends are saying the same thing.

    Those other bullshit covid antibody tests better not be keeping people with legit bloodwork to be done from getting into the labs.

  6. I heard earlier today that tests that were sent to labs without even being tested on anyone, came back positive. lol.

  7. Steve Brown, did your toes get discolored? That’s a symptom, I had my middle toe on my right foot turn colors. It’s back to normal now.

  8. Steve Brown – I’ve temporarily lost my sense of smell twice in my life from colds. They were no doubt caused by the Corona virus family as the Rhinoviruses (aka RINO virus 🙂 ) don’t cause that symptom, apparently.

    How about all the speculation that people who have had lots of Corona virus colds their whole lives are more immune to SARS-Cov-2?

  9. There are so many things wrong with their tests. First is the guy who invented the test said it could not detect viruses.

    The first tests they sent out were contaminated with the virus. Now there is another lab in Texas that they are saying is contaminated.

    We will never know how many or if any died from their novel virus. We do know the CDC was wrong to tell doctors to put them on ventilators, how many were killed by the ventilators? Even more money was given to hospitals for covid patients on ventilators. We do know they were counting any death as Covid death, regardless of what they died from if they tested positive with their non-diagnostic test or had symptoms. More than likely as hospitals were shut down and received more money for Covid patients and still are receiving more money for Covid patients, hospitals were and are labeling everyone as having Covid.

    Just like their stupid masks, has everyone forgotten when they said to not wear masks, that they wouldn’t protect you or anyone else? Now they say it’s proven masks protect others, of course there is no proof of this. As a matter of fact anything you read from CDC, OSHA, medical groups before this stupid shit told you what masks would and wouldn’t protect you from and what masks you should wear for certain situations.

    Then the assholes want to keep you locked inside getting no sunshine breathing in the same old stale recirculated air.

    Screw all of these bastards, I hope they burn in hell.

    The only way it stops is for people to quit being idiots and scared of their own shadow. I’m usually fairly sane, but masks, x’s, 6 foot signs, CDC recommends signs are driving me insane. I am so sick of seeing them.

  10. Related to this topic… (and sorry for the long sentence!)

    Our Federal agencies (CDC, NIH, NIAID, FDA, etc.) are now so screwed-up with people appointed by Clinton, Bush and Obama that how can any President assume office and be responsible for the policies of these agencies, especially when they are dominated by the pharmaceutical companies, the Chinese Communist Party and other foreign interests?

    I don’t believe a word I’m hearing out of the Federal Government any more.

  11. If only Trump would just tell every lbody to wear masks. Then he could win.


    What the fuck is up with the mask fetish?

    I’m more worried about the knucklunder mask zombies than the flu deluxe. Are this many people so ashamed of their God-given breath?

  12. It means there will be a never ending virus that will end only if a democrat is elected.
    Fauci is walking shit.

  13. Walking shit reminds me of the old underground hippie image (on posters and T shirts etc.) of a couple of walking, smiling turds shaking hands together with the 2 turds saying “Get your shit together” from back in the 70’s. And being yelled at by my Company Commander, a sadistic bastard in Navy boot camp who was constantly yelling at us to get our shit together because he didn’t like the way we were marching on the grinder (parade ground) or because of any screwup from anyone in our company who didn’t meet his standards.

  14. @ Steve Brown JULY 1, 2020 AT 12:37 AM

    My daughter and I were both feeling crappy in January/February. We both went to our GP. Both said: it is some sort of flue. Stay hydrated and get back in here if it gets worse. The thing that makes me think I had it was I was out of breath if I had to run ten paces. Other than that it was just regular flue symptoms.

    FWIW, her school was the first one in the country to have cases actually diagnosed and shut down.

  15. If President Trump had the likes of Fauci, Sessions etc. around him when he was building his real estate business he wouldn’t been able to flip an outhouse. Geeezus.

  16. “We shut a great economy down for this bunk?”

    A lot more than just an economy.

    It has been used to change the nature of Western culture itself to make it more compatible with the new world that is being designed for us by those hidden forces that have seized control of it.

  17. These creeps that are shoving this fraud on the public hope to disable the economy in order to take back control permanently.
    Do they actually think the economy can be rebuilt from the ashes with their guidance?
    This only highlights their self destructive insanity and complete detachment from reality.
    The time to make these traitors pay is now not after the dismantling is complete.

  18. What do your test results mean if you test positive?

    Get in the boxcar.
    Destination: A New York “Nursing Home”

  19. People bitch and moan about me not wearing a mask, and they bitch about limited hours, lack of groceries, etc. When I tell them we are in the first stages of socialism they go apeshit. Some people just don’t want to SEE…

  20. In the absence of a direct link, or the photograph showing a direct link, I am assuming this is parody. The CDC site is very large and I am unable to verify this article. Please post a direct link. You give the other side fuel when something like this does not have the back-up needed to verify.

  21. I…., Link

    They will never tell the truth on this. Fauci has some sort of power or he would have been fired a long time ago. It may have something to do with the 14 patents he owns.
    A friends daughter was starting a new job and had to get tested. The test reviled she already had the antibodies. Her best guess was “JANUARY” she didn’t feel well for a week or so.
    My guess is 80+% have already had it and didn’t know it.
    When Trump wins in November, the Media needs to be held accountable.
    “GO VOTE”

  22. I had my gallbladder surgery yesterday. It went well. Yesterday was rough getting over the anesthesia but I’m up and about today, although moving really slow. 🙂

    But before I could have the surgery I had to have the COVID-19 test last Friday. After they called Monday to tell me the time for the surgery and that the test was negative I got to thinking. Are we actually seeing any numbers for people testing negative?

    I asked because our local small county health department puts out a report whenever there are new positive cases with both the number of current active and recovered cases but I don’t remember ever seeing a number for negatives.

    So just curious.

  23. It doesn’t mean shit, and it never did. Time to practice the 2nd Amendment and put Socialism in its grave.

  24. Get in a car accident,die,take you to hospital,test you for covid,positive result,you died of covid.
    Have a heart attack,die,test you for covid,positive,you died of covid.
    Hospitals have been getting a covid kick back from government if they are treating covid patients up to 20% from what i have read.


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