From Yesterday’s Movie Fun

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  1. I’m so confused. Who’s the woman and who’s the man? Or does it matter, because they’re both ugly.

  2. Sorry I missed all the fun last night. Here are a few too-late entries.

    Almost 10
    BB-Guns of Navarone
    Gunga Din-Din
    M&M Mars Attacks!
    Team Central America!
    The Dandelion in Winter

  3. BFH, I hadn’t been on IOTW for a while, but I went scrolling back to find Stink Goldfinger and came upon this.
    Wow, thanks. Like Bayouwolf said in a previous post, “I almost feel famous”!
    I’d love to get a hold of a poster of one of these brilliant creations. Do you think that will ever be possible?


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