Frontrunner Joe continues to be Gaffetastic

9 Comments on Frontrunner Joe continues to be Gaffetastic

  1. I couldn’t make it past more than 2 minutes of Jackass Joe let alone an entire administration of this abject moron! The man isn’t capable of organizing a two-car parade much less getting past ten words without stumbling!
    GBC (Gone By Christmas)

  2. It’s reached the point where the crowd is there to witness the buffoonery for the laughs. It’s especially funny when his dentures are slipping while he’s talking. Kids love that!

  3. Joe has put more black men in handcuffs because of his drug policies than Peerless and Smith & Wesson combined.

    He put ya’ll in chainz!

  4. Plugs has a supporter in Alan Patricof who was on FBN this morning with Maria. He says Biden should take Kamala as his VP.

  5. i have speech disorders called Aparephaesia and “Clutterer” and even I dont fuck up my speechin’ as bad as Biden does.


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