PickeringPost: Which race is the more ancient and primitive? Islamic or Aboriginal? If you said Islamic you had better buy a history book because the answer is the Aboriginal race by around 50,000 years. So why do we still expect a sophisticated response when trillions of dollars is thrown at an Aboriginal race to try to drag it into the 21st century?


Alice Springs councillor Jacinta Price (below) has finally put aside PC bullshit to uncover a culture of Aboriginal child cruelty, partner bashing, and female subjugation to demand a national task force to combat the epidemic of family violence in Aboriginal communities.

“In remote communities, traditional culture is shrouded in secrecy which allows perpetrators to control their victims,” Ms Price said. “While my own family could suffer a violent backlash to my speaking out, it is a national shame Aboriginal male perpetrators are able to use traditional culture to excuse their crimes.”

It is not only the males, as Ms Price says. Females can be equally violent and cruel but that’s the feminist angle seeping out.

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  1. That remark that females can be equally violent. There was a study done in this country by – by a feminist – who found that women were often participants in family abuse as well as being its victims. Of course the study was buried and she was made an un-person.

  2. Can’t allow the Aboriginals to do what they like, now can we?
    I thought all cultures were equal …

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. I liked the end the best:

    “…Aborigines will eventually disappear through inbreeding with Europeans. Eventually they will be so few in number so as not to be a political force.

    The opposite is the case with Islam.

    The answer to Islamic culture is WTF did you allow them to settle here in the first place for?”


  4. I’m thinking of starting a Go Fund Me account to raise enough money to send a few tens of thousands of our homegrown SJWs down to Aussieland to protest about the Aborigines’ rights. Give them something to do. Maybe they’ll express outrage over the brutal treatment of women, as they do about the Islamo treatment of women. Hell, maybe they’ll be eaten by lizards.

  5. Some of the first Aboriginals were so primitive they hadn’t even discovered how to make fire yet. They didn’t even achieve caveman status.

  6. The most wonderful thing about being part of civilized society is that we get to define what “civilized” behavior is.

  7. Islam is not a race, Aboriginal culture is not singular. I just feel sorry for the cultures, dragged 50,000 years forward in 200 years

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