Fueled By Courage and Common Sense

Gas station customer stops attack in an interesting way.
Well done!

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  1. I knew a guy a long time ago that was filling up his car when a scrawny little black kid came up behind him, stuck a Saturday night special in his back and tried to rob him. The guy pulled the nozzle out of his tank, warped the kid across the head with it and knocked him out. The guy then proceeded to pull out his knife, slit the back of the kid’s pants open and shove the barrel of the kid’s revolver up his butt. The revolver apparently had a large, sharp front sight on it and couldn’t just be pulled out, it had to be surgically removed.

  2. It just occurred to me that if that intended victim had been using one of those aggravating new nozzles that insist on being jammed tight against the car’s filler tube, he would have been in a much different situation.

  3. This may be be vicious and ugly but too
    bad there wasn’t some kind of “spark”…….

  4. @MJA
    “I wonder how much that fuel up cost that person?
    Just to see those rats running, I would pay tripple at the pump.

  5. Best way to deter a robbery at a gas station. It’ll take about 6 showers for the pain in the ‘nads to ease up. Anyone who filed a motorcycle gas tank while sitting on the seat may know this (don’t). Lighters are cheap. Keep one in the vehicle with your gun.


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