Full Body Cam Video from Two of the Minneapolis Police Officers Undercuts Charges Filed By Minnesota AG Keith Ellison

RedState: Late on Monday, The Daily Mail posted full body cam videos from two of the officers charged in connection with the death of George Floyd.  These videos have been kept out of the public domain by Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, and now we know why.

The videos are from the body cams worn by Officer Thomas Lane and Officer Alex Kueng.  The two videos run a combined 18 minutes long.  Full version are posted below, and after the videos I have comments with time-stamped referenced.

Lane Body Cam – Video No. 1.  This video is 8:38.

It takes about 30 seconds for Floyd to be able to follow the instruction to put his hands on the steering wheel of the car so the officer can see them.  Floyd is talking rapidly and clearly not listening of following the instructions he’s being given.

From :30 to 1:30, Floyd fails to follow the simple direction to step out of the car and face away from the officer.  He repeatedly says “Please, please.”  “Please don’t shoot me”.  At the point he makes those comments the officer has holstered his firearm, which he only took out at the start of the encounter because Floyd failed to follow the simple comment to show his hands.

At 1:48 when Floyd finally exits the vehicle the officers move to handcuff him. Floyd’s conduct can’t be described as “combative” or “fighting, but it cannot be said either that he was cooperative and compliant with the instructions he was being given.

After Floyd is cuffed, Lane turns his attention to the passengers who had already exited the car, while the other officer walked Floyd from the car over to the wall of a building and sat him down.

Lane asks the female why Floyd was acting “all squirrelly” and she said “I don’t know.” Go here

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  1. Whatever sympathy I had has literally gone up in flames and been painted over & toppled in the streets.

  2. I admit, when I had only seen the video that everyone else had seen, I thought the cops were in the wrong. Based on these videos, I have to partially apologize.
    Actual apology here: I apologize for jumping to conclusions. I apologize to any I may have hurt with my comments,
    I have learned my lesson and will withhold any opinions about the parts of the incident where the police might have done something wrong.

    As for the rest of the story, Mr ex-congressman Ellison is a typical lefty AG – don’t show anything that might exonerate, or at least temper radical sentiment. I do believe that he would have had these videos destroyed before they could ever be seen, if he had the chance.

  3. How do these videos change the narrative in any way? We already knew that he was a bad dude, that he was uncooperative and initially “acted squirrelly”. No one is disputing his legitimate arrest. The crime of killing Floyd was committed after the arrest.

  4. No F’s given about his race.
    Idiot drugged/drunk decided to not comply.
    Response = Bullet asshole.
    Antifa/BLM decide not to comply,
    Response = Bullet assholes.
    Idiot DA’s, judges.
    Threatening other Lives Don’t matter!

  5. The Police must, in order to keep new riots from happening, be convicted and rot in jail. We are not dealing with questions of Law, we are in the realm of Social Justice, avoidance of mayhem and vote garnering. The Police have been marinated in brutality propaganda and must be sacrificed…more to come. Think about the fact that this arrest and vicious murder was not employed against an aspiring Black college student stopping for cigarettes on his way to the Library…it was not necessary, a drug addled , combative Felon was fine and while some punishment Might be considered for one Policeman, they must all be destroyed…Police everywhere are now contemplating a no arrest policy , maybe even a small amount of money to the hassled victim..The immorality in this event pales when compared to the larger assault on a Civilized society…The Leftist riots are a celebration in the streets about this George Floyd major win..Treyvon Martin again…this time the Left can smell the fear.

  6. If you haven’t heard the term Excited Delirium by now, you should look into it. I am sure it will come up at the officers trials.

    “Excited delirium is considered a relatively uncommon health condition characterized by severe agitation, aggression, distress, and is often fatal. In many cases of excited delirium, individuals will have displayed noticeable increases in body temperature (fever), utilized drugs that altered dopaminergic functioning, and exhibit overtly bizarre behavior. Although the condition is rare, those with excited delirium are often misdiagnosed, and end up dying before they receive proper medical treatment.”


  7. The dude overdosed on a drug. A lethal dose was in his bloodstream. He couldn’t breathe even before anyone did anything to him.

    The race mongers tried like hell to keep the video out of reach of the public to maintain the narrative. Ellison and his posse wanted to charge the cops with everything under the sun on top of murder, which is a complete joke once the video is seen.
    The purpose? The real evidence would come out in the trial, the media would not report the real evidence, and the jury would aquit the cops. Then they could gin up more outrage and riots because the cops got let off.

    The goal isn’t just to lie to create a narrative. The goal is beyond that. It is to create more chaos and riots from it.

  8. look, Floyd was a convenient pawn the real issue which was rigging the election. This whole race crisis, while tragic that he had to die, if it were not him it would have been someone else. The left does this just like in 2016 with hands up don’t shoot when the need votes. The fact this occurred only days after Biden fucked up and said you ain’t black if you ain’t voting for me should not be lost on anyone and the fact that the riots have been allowed unmitigated while churches of 10 people arrested, is proof positive that the Covid hoax has morphed with the race hoax as the best chances the DNC has for electing Dementia Joe…….

  9. I have to say, as I’ve said many times before, any incident should be looked at by local authorities and tried in local courts. Every time the incomplete evidence is scattered around on social media and we get “guilty” in the court of public opinion, it’s wrong and results in major issues.

    Excited delirium is an actual thing. If that is what was affecting Floyd, he was as good as dead with or without the police. That is, unless he was rushed to the hospital very quickly.

    I normally agree with most here. But anyone who says that the cops are guilty just because someone dies in their custody is not willing to look at the totality of the event.

    And again, it’s not up to us to make that decision. Let the locals figure it out…..

  10. “Full Body Cam Video from Two of the Minneapolis Police Officers Undercuts Charges Filed By Minnesota AG Keith Ellison.


  11. Fentanyl overdoses now kill 25K people a year. All of Floyd’s symptoms and behaviours — confusion, agitation, inability to breathe, cardiac arrest are consistent with overdosing on fentanyl. Its how fentanyl kills

    Consider: The early on called an ambulance because they sensed something seriouly wrong with Floyd. So which scenario makes more sense … that they are trying to keep him alive until the EMTs get there with some sort of antidote — OR — they decided to casually brutalize a black man in handcuffs in full view of civilians who are recording everything

    One of those options makes no sense at all

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