Full George Floyd Bodycam

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  1. This video will exonerate the MNPD officers, which in turn will trigger the predictable irrational mob response.

  2. Ya think he might have swallowed some drug evidence?….
    “As documented by Floyd’s autopsy and toxicology reports, his breathing difficulty was caused not by a knee on his neck or pressure on his back, but by the fact that he had in his bloodstream over three times the potentially lethal limit of fentanyl, a powerful and dangerous pain medication known to shut down the respiratory system and cause coma and death. He also had in his system a lesser dose of methamphetamine, which can cause paranoia, respiratory distress, coma, and death.”

  3. He screwed up his potential ride in NASCAR….Hear that Bubba?….A driver with fentanyl and meth in his bloodstream could really re-awake the sport….

  4. Police involved will serve time because this is not about Law and Justice, it is about teaching certain people , 80,000,000 or so, that the Power of the Media is vast enough to ignore Truth, ignore Reality, ignore Justice and, based upon a smarmy lie, send millions of people into the streets and Voting Booths to control life itself. Your perceptions are based upon information that you receive and when what you learn is false, what you know of the past is obliterated, when what you see and hear now is a contrived lie, then the present can be shaped for evil purposes. Floyd was flawed, Floyd resisted, Floyd was dirt, His Life did not matter and yet the Left and Media knew that this was not important. When I saw the knee on his neck, I thought that it was a move too far, but from the back view Floyd’s twisting , kicking , struggling and lack of breath as his normal state brought reality to me. The Police will go down because they are human, go down to serve an evil purpose and go down because there are subhuman beasts among us, united in the Democrat Party.

  5. If you thought the LA riots were bad, it’s going to be 10 times worse if the officers are exonerated. This video sure looks bad for the prosecution. Combined with the toxicology report this could, and should, sink the prosecution.

    Unfortunately the jury and everyone else knows full-well what will happen if the officers aren’t found guilty and the cops are going to get railroaded.

  6. Michael Baden the ex NY coroner was engaged by the Floyd family to do a second autopsy and he claimed the officer killed Floyd.
    There goes his credibility!
    Some cops weren’t happy about body cams, bet they are now!
    Those cops are going through a lot of suffering for this but the good side is they will be suing!

  7. They will impanel a black jury of white haters just like they impaneled a black jury of black lovers for OJ!


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