Fully Vaccinated Neil Cavuto Contracts COVID


Fox News host Neil Cavuto, 63, has contracted a breakthrough case of the coronavirus despite reportedly being heavily immunocompromised, raising concerns over his health given the recent passing from COVID of Colin Powell, 84, who too had been vaccinated and immunocompromised. More

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  1. ICYMI: Special Investigation: What Really Happened In Wuhan


    I’m sorry to hear that anyone is suffering from covid or its suspected variants. I do hope Cavuto knows or gets to know our savior, Jesus Christ.

    If these aren’t the End of Days, I sure don’t know what else could be worse. That’s not hyperbole, either. To live under this cloud of ongoing uncertainty and to witness the absolute failure of anyone who is qualified to do anything about covid, certainly has the potential to leave all of us without hope.

    The communists among us have no idea what they have unleashed. It’s not as if they possess the magic elixer to keep themselves free of this bioweapon.

  2. And his statement is to get vaccinated because it would have been so much worse had he not been vaccinated. Just yet another propaganda lie.

  3. For those who have actual reading and comprehension skills, what is wrong with this statement?

    ” …has contracted a breakthrough case of the coronavirus despite reportedly being heavily immunocompromised,…”

  4. Hey Neil, Vaccine pusher, Know it all, Maybe you need to go get yourself a few more jabs before you’re dead make sure you’re really protected this time. How many comorbidities?!?

    I want June 14, 2022 in the Neil Cavuto Covid Death Pool.

  5. I believe the solution is quite simple. To make sure you do NOT get covid, you must become a USPS worker. The virus seems to be ‘selective’ for some reason…

  6. “breakthrough” — yeah, right. He wasn’t important enough to get the prop shot, so they must have given him the real thing.

  7. So, all he knows is he “tested positive” and he feels “lucky” he got vaccinated.

    I submit he actually doesn’t know WHAT he has. It may be COVID and it may be something else.

    “Breakthrough” – pffft. The “vaccine” doesn’t work.

  8. The use of the term “breakthrough case” is new and introduced solely for the Wuhan endometriosis shots. What was the usual term before this?


    Please stop using “breakthrough case” and start using “vaccine failure”.

  9. The sheep still believe they are safe with a jab that might as well be water mixed with who knows what, so they aren’t cautious about who they travel with and around. Too bad MSM won’t tell them the truth and Washington is silent.

  10. Well he must be sweating Twinkies right about now what him bein a co-morbidity case and all.

    I do hope he recovers though so I can continue to NOT watch him. Anti-Trump sack of garbage.

  11. Cavuto has Multiple Sclerosis. Is that a co-morbidity?

    He’s also a cancer survivor. I wonder if his treatment for MS suppresses the immune system? – Dr. Tar

  12. Uncle Al, I said the same thing elsewhere about “breakthrough cases” a couple of months ago, and some windbag informed me that ACKSHULLY, “breakthrough” is super common medical jargon. Funny how I can’t find it anywhere except with regard to covid cases among the jabbed. Every other usage of breakthrough that I have ever heard denotes something positive. If the experts could heal with euphemisms, we’d all be fine.

  13. people, PLEASE!!! what they are forcing on us is NOT a vaccine! the FDA doesn’t even classify it as a ‘vaccine’. it’s called a ‘vaccine’ to lull us sheeple into complacency & obeisance. it’s all a lie, even perpetrated by Faux News on their banner headlines every night

    …. along w/ ‘Migrants’, the latest ‘poll’, ‘outraged’ republicans & the ‘Crisis’ du jour

  14. @Loco, you are so right. I had a friend whom I’ve known for over 40 years tell me that she got the jab because she caaaarrres about other people, and that those of us who refuse it are selfish and don’t care about anyone else. I don’t know why she thought it was a good idea to tell me this, but she was so nasty and condescending, all while patting herself on the back so hard, I thought she would break her arm. This was on July 4, and I haven’t spoken to her since. I’m not sure our friendship will survive it.

  15. LadyGun — I doubt she is wondering, from the sounds of it.

    America today answers the question of how families living in the same household could end up on opposite sides in the Civil War.

  16. AA, you’re right about that. I have a couple brothers that are pretty pissed at me over the jabs. Granted I threw a little fuel on the fire. I’m afraid they have consumed the fool-aid.

    “You took the words right outa my mouth.” – Meatloaf
    Wife was gonna get the jab, I don’t tell her what to do but, in 25 years I have never seen her sick from any flu, cold, etc.
    I explained that and other things to her, she didn’t get it. Now that the daily news is showing all those who have been jabbed getting sick, she is glad she changed her mind.

  18. That little Stelter-With-Hair is faking it… he wanted Thanksgiving through New Years off and FOX said “No way.”

    The douche diva said, “Yeah, THIS way.”

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