Funerals for me, but not for thee

Patriot Retort: Yesterday marked the culmination of a week of funerals for one-hit wonder John Lewis. He’s the guy who over fifty years ago got beat up in a civil rights march then rode that beating all the way to Congress where he proceeded to do nothing for the black community except bang on endlessly about what happened to him over fifty years ago.

And despite the Wuhan Panic and his backbencher status, Lewis gets four or five funerals, not to mention a stint lying in state in the Capitol.

Your loved ones who had the misfortune to die during the Wuhan Panic?  They didn’t get funerals.  And if they did get a funeral, you had to decide which ten of the dearly departed’s friends or family will be chosen to attend while the rest of you aren’t allowed to go.

But John Lewis gets multiple funerals attended by oodles and oodles of people crammed in together in the pews while Americans are barred from attending Sunday church service. more here

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  1. If I see another brainwashed family of 4 with 2 sub-10 year old kids show up for a walk in the park far away from everyone and leave in their car with masks ON the entire time, I’m going to blow a fuse. Should be sometime tomorrow, as I witness it multiple times a day. We truly are a nation of complete idiots.

  2. @ecp — To your list of fuse-blowers, add lone joggers and bicyclists trying to breath through a mask. I saw several just today. In Florida sun and 94°F heat. My guess is they’re already permanently brain damaged.

  3. To anyone that could not be with a loved one during these daze I cannot imagine what it must be like to be prevented from seeing that loved one, could have been a mother, father, aunt, uncle, etc… and THEN having to witness THIS priveleged bullshit, and that George ‘Black’ Floyd Concert Funeral Tour, it was, to use a word, DEPLORABLE.

    On another note, posting tonight from an amazing place called Deadwood, South Dakota. Went to the place where Wild Bill Hickok was shot during a card game, he was a Union spy btw.

    Little BIg Man:

    The drive down US85 from Teddy Roosevelt NP was amazing…


  4. Catching bits and pieces of things said about JL on MSM the last few days – you’d think he was the greatest human being to walk the earth over the last 100 years.

  5. I remember that knuckle dragger coming down [[I believe] the Supreme Court steps with Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the black caucus. Then the esteemed Louis claimed people were spitting on him. What a damn fat fake he was. On further investigation it was found to be untrue, but the great Lewis took advantage of the moment. Good riddance

  6. John, John, John
    John McCain rose in politics because of his, some say heroic, past.
    John Lewis rose for the same reasons, both became nasty individuals and were a disgrace to their “heroic”past.
    You can say the same for disgusting John Kerry, he’s just not dead, yet.
    Herman Cain was first a brilliant business man, like President Trump, the political elites despised him for it.
    I hope “they” let him have a well attended funeral, like the grandstand one afforded the despicable afore mentioned two.
    RIP Mr. Cain
    I love the fact President Trump refused going to Lewis’ funeral, after the debacle over McCains, the old saying, “Once bitten, twice shy.” comes to mind.
    Funny enough, in the write ups of McCains funeral, no mention is made of the fact he was specifically not invited by the disgusting McCain.
    The Progs have no self-awareness, no humour, no decorum and foremost, no shame.

  7. OTD………………… Remember it was John Lewis who refused to go to Pres. Trump inauguration.

    That color thing again I guess

  8. @Caroleigh, I remember, think it was covered under this statement: both became nasty individuals and were a disgrace to their “heroic”past.

  9. It’s not what he accomplished that counts it’s how he played the game and worked the system and made white Democratic slave owners happy.

  10. Dollar store version of the McCain legacy whitewash and traveling sideshow complete with some of the same slugs making cameo appearances.
    Was Bike Mike sidling up to Bushie again?

  11. Ole Johnnie Lewis, the paragon of Civil Rights and Equal Opportunity fame, sure did like himself a passel of that “Uncivil Rights” and “unequal opportunity: such as Affirmative Action, quotas, preferences and judging a person by their color rather than their character because he knew that was a losing cause!

  12. You know, that when all those good old black ministers and agitators for Civil Rights got their wishes they quickly realized that it was a disaster for black folks who have the collective IQ of 60! They realized that if you had the true equal opportunity, that they had been agitating for, that they would be even further in the crap hole and nothing would change from what it had been! That is why they have been agitating for supernumerary rights every since and appear about to co-opt them!

  13. … ” where he proceeded to do nothing for the black community except bang on endlessly about what happened to him over fifty years ago” … and push abortion.


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