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Funny Exchange

First of all… this is the parody account-

Rev. Ray Cistman

Anti-Racist Anti-White Black Activist


19 kids

(Paying child support)

Author of “George Floyd: Modern MLK

BLM | ACAB | Wakanda Forever

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  1. Touche’ Dinesh

  2. …this is my favorite entry on the Cistman account. It encapsulates the ‘thinking’ of the ‘antiracists’ quite nicely…

    “Rev. Ray Cistman ✊🏾🙏🏾
    Taylor Swift looks like she says the N word
    8:57 PM · Feb 5, 2023″

    ht tps://

    …I know its a parody, but many DO think like that.

    You are guilty of racism because someone judges you in appearance. That’s it. No parole, no appeal.

    …the whole”All Whites are rayyciss” thing is like that. Its a religion and being White is the Original Sin, but there’s no Savior and no forgiveness, you are simply damned from birth and will die damned because of what you look like no matter what.

    In the meantime, those with darker skin are free to treat you like the outcasts of God while you live.

    Even God Himself is not exempt.

    “If God is not for us, if God is not against white racists, then God is a murderer, and we had better kill God. The task of black theology is to kill gods that do not belong to the black community”
    -Rev. James H. Cone

    ht tps://
    …bear this in mind when reading anything from a Black “Reverend”,in real life as well as parody.

    Many seem to think that God will run a racially exclusive Heaven.

    And are not shy about teaching it…

  3. Up yours white eyes…


    Love you IOTW critters.

    BTW Minnesota is changing their state flag to eliminate the Injun.

    See, to a liberal white marxist progressive just erasing us all from history, sport, and commercial packaging is the way to address systemic racism against us Redskins.

    Thanks a bunch whitey.

  4. In part 5 of the “Never Again” series is the perfect explanation for all of this.
    The answer is not in the protest, promotion of racism, antisemitism, or woke ideology.
    The answer is in the response. They want people to react violently, so they have the excuse to take away even more of our freedoms.
    Look how well the twin towers worked, pushed an entire nation in a a massive war.
    I also believe that many of the mass shootings were staged, to motivate people towards their agenda.
    They do not care how many people die.
    That’s why Kamala laughs the way she does, she thinks it’s just HILARIOUS how easy it is to manipulate people/sheep.
    Covid lock downs were a test of compliance.
    As I said before:
    Good has to play by the rules, evil doesn’t.

  5. name one race-baiting liberal who isn’t stupid

  6. My wife is a big time RACIST! Her favorite driver is Alex Bowman, she counts the days till the next NASCAR season starts!

  7. That’s why I say I’m not “white;” I’m German/English-American

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