Funny how no one wants to look into that report that Omar married her brother


You’d think they’d be all over this like tabloid papparazzi. Wild and prurient news always sells papers and draws viewer eyeballs, and the scattered reports about how America’s first Muslim congresswoman, Rep. Ilhan Omar, reportedly married her own brother in a bid to bring him into the country ahead of the others trying to get in, is quite a doozy. The press certainly got excited about the Stormy Daniels controversy for such a reason, but why the absence of interest in Omar’s kinky weird love life?

Now the fearless Michelle Malkin has taken up the case, wanting to know why this isn’t being looked into by either the press or more importantly, these law enforcers. She writes:

Investigations dating back to 2016 by blogger Scott Johnson of Power Line (which recently celebrated 15 years in the blogosphere), David North of the Center for Immigration Studies, Alpha News reporter Preya Samsundar and reporter David Steinberg have determined that the outspoken Somalian Muslim refugee likely married her own brother named Ahmed Elmi in 2009 for some unknown ill-gotten gain while still informally married to the man she calls her husband and father of her three children, Ahmed Hirsi. After a Somalian website floated questions about the marriage arrangement with Elmi and Johnson’s initial reporting broke into the local news, Omar sought to divorce Elmi. Her use of $6,000 in state campaign funds, some of which went to pay a personal divorce lawyer, is currently under state investigation.

To marry her own brother, something her spokespeople brush off as nonsense and refuse to answer questions about. Actually, they ought to be answering questions, to reporters, and investigators – and they most certainly are not. Apparently we all supposed to think that Omar, with her out-there anti-Semitic views, and fourth-world background, is quite incapable of acting in a way that’s contrary to bourgeois values.

Malkin also notes that the issue itself, even outside the kink factor, has quite the potential for more serious crime:


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  1. Just like nobody could ever find the true obamalongdingdong birth certificate or his actual college records (which show foreign student aide status) or Mooch’s penis.

    It’s the truth as they write it and we let them get away with it.

    Much like Mueller’s “well I couldn’t indict the Orange Man but it doesn’t mean he couldn’t have been…”


  2. Simple fraud.
    She lied to get her brother into the country.
    She should be stripped of her congress seat and deported
    For Fraud
    She has committed immigration fraud
    Deport her ass

  3. MJA
    MAY 31, 2019 AT 9:53 AM
    “Who do those kids belong to?”

    …Satan. Just like their parents.

  4. The family that plays together, slays together!

    Seriously, how did you imagine that koranimals became so inbred?
    It’s not just the father-daughter, mother-fucker relations!

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. I guess that after the family ate the goat for Ramadan her father, uncles, and brothers had to have *something* to stick their dick into.
    And the unfortunate (or fag or retarded) brother had to marry her.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Her high-jabb hides all the contusions and lacerations from where her father, brothers, uncles and cousins bitch-slap her when she gets uppity with them. Where do y’all think the Rule Of Thumb comes from? Right there in Satan’s Bible/ Koran it has helpful marriage relations tips – no husband can beat his wife with a tree branch thicker than his thumb or else it is filth unto Allah/ Satan.

    Down here in the Deep South, when we want to insult someone we accuse them of being inbred. But these Filthy Mohammedan Savages? They really ARE inbred!! They’re worse than redneck hillbilly cracker bib-overall goin’ commando moonshine-drinkers!

  7. How about an investigation into whether Ilhan’s mother married HER brother

    Might help to explain why Ilhan thinks the ways she does


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