If you drink chocolate milk you’re being diverse??

February 23, 2018 BFH 3

Sacbee- Illinois Gov Bruce Rauner took part in an unusual demonstration involving chocolate milk to promote diversity in the workplace during a Black History Month event in Chicago on February 21. Footage of the event at the Chicago Thompson Center shows Tyronne Stoudemire, Hyatt Hotels’ [Read More]

Fidel Castro. You are NOT the father

February 23, 2018 MJA 10

American Thinker:   It’s official: Fidel had nothing to do with Justin. Over the last few weeks, the Canadian media have reached an important conclusion: In the darker corners of the internet dwells a theory as outlandish as it is compelling: That the real father of Canadian [Read More]

President Trump Threatens to pull ICE out of California

February 23, 2018 MJA 19

Breitbart: President Donald Trump threatened Thursday to pull the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency out of California to punish the state for what he called its efforts to shield criminal gang members in “sanctuary cities.” Trump was addressing a meeting of state and local [Read More]

Senior Care Facility Hire Pole Dancers As Entertainment

February 23, 2018 BFH 18

They say the residents asked for something different. Screen Cap from video at the Metro Mango Jello would have been different. Metro But bosses at Fairmile Grange home in Christchurch, Dorset, defended its decision to hire the dancers, the youngest being 10-years-old. Izzy Nicholls, operations [Read More]

Guess the Reader

February 23, 2018 BFH 52

Many got this right. It was almost as if you have formulated a picture in your head of what Moe Tom looked like. So, you think you’re all so smart? Which reader is this? And for bonus points, guess the age.

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