Danica Patrick Goes Out With A Crash

February 19, 2018 Dr. Tar 4

Chicago Tribune -Patrick’s final NASCAR race at the Daytona 500 captured her career to perfection. She had photojournalists embedded with her, a hunky celebrity NFL QB boyfriend by her side, social media buzzing — and a crumpled Chevy towed to the garage that put a [Read More]

Mexican Words of the Day

February 19, 2018 BFH 26

C. Steven Tucker‏ @CStevenTucker sent around a meme on Twitter- Of course this derailed me for a little while because I couldn’t resist joining in the fun. What’d you guys got?

The Week In Liberal Failure

February 19, 2018 Dr. Tar 5

I’m sure the first week of November 2016 will go down as the worst week for liberals in recorded history, but last week went pretty badly for them as well and we have Kurt Schlichter to review their failures in all their painful glory. Here

Lead By Example

February 19, 2018 BFH 27

Radio channel surfing in the car sometimes leads to NPR, and you hear a snippet of some ridiculous lefty story. This segment of sanctimony was particularly amusing. After the Vegas shooting a guy name Dickmann began eyeing his AR-57. He began feeling uneasy about owning [Read More]

Sinabung Volcano Erupts!

February 19, 2018 MJA 10

Daily Sabah: Rumbling Mount Sinabung on the Indonesian island of Sumatra shot billowing columns of ash more than 5,000 meters (16,400 feet) into the atmosphere and hot clouds down its slopes on Monday. There were no fatalities or injuries from the morning eruption, the National [Read More]


February 19, 2018 Mr.Pinko 2

“Yup. Lifelong Republicans who suddenly became Dems.” That’s called a #lobotomy. pic.twitter.com/QXqnCsPOsi — Mr_Pinko🇺🇲Videos🇺🇲#MAGA🇺🇲#Trump2020🇺🇲 (@Mr_Pinko) February 19, 2018 SEE GIF HERE Gif via Tenor.com  

Will Voters Roll Back Minimum-Wage Hike?

February 19, 2018 MJA 9

CPR: California voters apparently aren’t the only ones who believe that wealth can be created by government edict and income inequality fixed by approving ever-higher minimum-wage rates. In the 72,000-population northern Arizona city of Flagstaff, voters in November 2016 approved a measure that raises the minimum wage [Read More]

Not My President?

February 19, 2018 MJA 27

CNS: I recently received an email from an old friend who lives in a very blue state exclaiming that Trump was “not his president.” This was completely unsolicited, as our email conversation up until that point had been non-political. He just felt it necessary to [Read More]

Devin Nunes sits down with Sharyl Attkisson

February 19, 2018 MJA 5

Conservative Treehouse: House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) Chairman Devin Nunes sat down for an interview with Sharyl Attkisson for Full Measure News.  They discussed the HPSCI Russia probe, the FISA Court abuse and the ongoing investigative reviews of corruption within the DOJ and [Read More]

Which face is Joe Scarborough using today?

February 19, 2018 MJA 18

Western Journalism:   Right After Launching Into New Gun Control Tirade, Joe Scarborough’s Lost Letter to the NRA Suddenly Shows Up. MSNBC host Joe Scarborough has changed his views on gun control over the years. Following the school shooting in Florida on Wednesday, Scarborough has [Read More]

Adam Schiff Blames Obama for ignoring Russian hack attempt

February 19, 2018 MJA 11

Breitbart: Donald Trump Thanks Adam Schiff, a ‘Leakin’ Monster of No Control,’ for Blaming Obama. President Donald Trump reacted to the news that House Intelligence Committee member Rep. Adam Schiff blamed former President Barack Obama for not taking the Russian hacking attempt more seriously. “Finally, [Read More]

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