The Students At Parkland Get Schooled

March 24, 2018 BFH 7

I have to admit, this is a great essay by a Red Stater. RS- Living free doesn’t necessarily mean living safe. That’s the trade-off for living in a society where liberty is the dominant structure. People sometimes forget that liberty and chaos are cousins, and [Read More]

Best Westerns

March 24, 2018 Dr. Tar 55

  At their best, they’re a morality play with iconic heroes forged from adversity. At their worst, a lot of horse chases and dudes in big cowboy hats pointing their six guns and firing endless rounds. Just as you think you’ve chosen ten best, there’s always another you have [Read More]

What happened to Spring?

March 24, 2018 MJA 22

Increasing sea ice is a result of human-caused global warming. Here we go again. Apparently, the warmer it gets, the icier it gets. And we’re supposed to believe it. “Ships plying the North Atlantic Ocean in spring are facing increased hazards from floating Arctic sea [Read More]

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